asus router slow wired connection. I get the same wireless speed if not close to what I get from the wired connection. Upon wakeup, it turns out that the ethernet needs to reconnect each time, whereas it should stay continuously connected. This way, you can use your Raspberry Pi as a wired router. Plugging directly into the modem shows the full speed with zero issue. I have run Speedtests from ookla, fast. The MK63 comes with two satellites. 11a/b/g/n routers around, and for good reason -- it is fast and very powerful for its price tag. I tried WiFi with the PC that i use connected via ethernet and speeds were far worse (150-200) as I know the wireless NIC in my PC isn't WiFi 6 . The router connects to the gateway no problem and obtains an IP address. Welcome back to The Ultimate Tech Hub. Its not the router or the internet because it happened when I was away at school. This will automatically bump Ethernet to the top. There are quite a few pros for the ASUS RT-AC58U wireless router: It features the new quad-core Qualcomm IPQ4018 processor, that's used in very few routers so far. I was able to get the printer to work normally with a hard wired connection, and once we replaced the router everything started working normally via WiFi. As much as we might want it, most of us probably don't need all the features the Nighthawk has to offer. The steps are the same as those mentioned above. Asus Routers ; Belkin Routers or repeater to your Wi-Fi network is fairly simple but does require a wired connection to a PC. The solution for me ended up being that the router had gone bad. GT-AX11000 slowing LAN wired connection. After a few seconds, the screen will display three main metrics: Upload, Download, and Ping. Run Ethernet cables from the LAN port of the AiMesh router to the WAN port of AiMesh node. Slow Wireless Internet Browsing and Intermittent Connections practical to run an Ethernet cable through the house or the wireless router . Just make sure they're Gigabit Ethernet ports, as all but the most budget class routers will offer better Wi-Fi performance than mere Fast Ethernet ports. 11 g protocol) with about 20Mbps; the ASUS downloads at max 10Mbps, often at less speed between 3 and 6Mbps. I experienced this with the Asus when I first bought. I'm experiencing slow speeds via a wired Ethernet connection. My connection is 300 Mbps Opti-Fiber Verizon FiOS. A wired connection is usually more reliable than using Wi-Fi. I also confirmed it was a router issue by pluging directly into cable modem obtaining constant 480mb download. Since you have done a factory reset on the router, do you have QOS or other features enabled? Can you get 150Mbit speed on a 5Ghz WIFI connected . Make the most of your connection speed by prioritizing online tasks for better performance. 5 Gbps port and WiFi 6; ASUS AiMesh support - Create a flexible, seamless whole-home mesh network with AiMesh-compatible routers. How To Connect To A Wired Router. On my WAN settings, I have it on Automatic IP, didn't touch anything else, set the wan port to one of the lan port, and it all connected fine. The Toshiba and HP download from my AP (AP only offers 802. Is you laptop connecting to your router via WiFi, or via Ethernet? It is possible to choose one or the other. Ensure that you are using a Cat5/ 5E/ 6 LAN cable. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is our editor's choice for the best Wi-Fi 6 router thanks to its gigabit speeds, long-range coverage, and bang-for-your-buck value. When I use a wired connection, I get 1 GB/s easily. Set the wireless mode for your ASUS router or ASUS Lyra mesh WiFi system Step 4. Logic tells me you should test the speed connecting PC to router LAN port without switch. also the RT-AX58U supports AX I have RT-AX58U and its nice. If it isn't anything crucial - see if switching a few programs off will help. And a router: ASUS RT-N66U My motherboard: ASUS Maximus VI Formula (Onboard Lan: Intel I217-V 10/100/1000 MBPS) Now I recently just got an upgrade to my internet from 100/5 DL/UL to 300/20 DL/UL from TWC. These Ethernet ports operate at gigabit data speeds. I wanted to make sure that my ISP has no issues. One way to "force close" the client device connections is to force restart the router. - New network cards: TP-Link TG-3368, Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter, USB 3. Option #2: Router Behind Router. It supports connection speeds up to 2 Gbps to unleash the full potential of high-speed networking. This type of support means that you will get a bandwidth of up to 2 Gbps if you want or need a high-speed wired connection. After all, it must be compatible with the speeds. If your DSL connection is unstable or is not able to establish a connection, set the value to a negative dB, for example -1dB. If the issue persist, set the value to -2dB ~ -10dB (Max. Considering WiFi 6 is the future in connectivity, the router is ideal for Asus and for gamers. This way, the client router can have DHCP enabled and handout its own IP addresses. It is connected to the Unifi modem via CAT5e cable. In this case, if your primary router uses the IP address 192. Is the wired connectivity configured as 1000 full duplex. Gaming Without Limits The dedicated gaming port on RT-AX86U automatically prioritizes any wired device connected to it. The router's firmware is up-to-date. What is Asus Router Slow Download Speed. wired connection is best to serve as the inter-router connection backbone. This router features the latest WiFi 6 and has a ton of flexibility when it comes to bandwidth and user management. Repeat same test at the farthest point away from your wifi router. It is an ASUS K50IJ-RBR7 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit. Analyze the wireless spectrum in your area, and see which channels are less busy Step 2. ASUS AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX55) - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router, Speed & Value, Gaming & Streaming, AiMesh Compatible, Included Lifetime Internet Security, Parental Control, MU-MIMO, OFDMA Next-Gen WiFi Standard - Supporting the latest WiFi standard 802. To avoid possible setup problems use wired connection when setting up the wireless router. Setting up your wireless router Wired connection IMPORTANT! • Use wired connection in setting up your wireless router to avoid possible setup problems due to wireless uncertainty. 0 wireless adapter attached so my top speeds are a bit reduced despite its top. When you connected the CGN3 to the Asus router, the connection path was LAN port on the CGN3 to WAN port on the Asus router. Turn off your router, and shut down any other internet-using programs on your device. Here we take DSL-AC68U as an example. If that doesn't work, unplug the device from the router and see if the problem clears up. Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:06 am. However, it is also "backwards" compatible. An alternative, if you have several Sonos devices, wiring one of them into either the main router or a mesh point (most of them allow ethernet bridge). Re: Super Hub 4 - 1 Gig - Asus RT-AX86U router. It delivers ultrafast WiFi speeds up to 5700 Mbps, and is packed with advanced technology, including Mobile Game Mode for a lag-free, low-latency mobile gaming experience. You can disable your antivirus/ firewall as there may be configuration/ settings conflict which may interfere with the speed. Reset router to factory default settings 4. Sign in with your ASUS router account. Jul 13, 2021 · If you're a serious competitive gamer, you should be using a wired connection if at all possible, and the Asus RT-AX86 has great support with a fast 2. While you have a normal connection, log into the router admin pages, and take a screen shot of the Status page, or at least write down the WAN IP, Gateway, and Primary and Secondary DNS information. When I use Asus' Qos, my speeds on speedtest become 100/10 Mb/s while with Qos off my speeds are 160/10 Mb/s. Step 1:Connect your Ethernet cable to your PC and plug the other end into your modem or router. RT-AX58U also supports AiMesh meaning you can string together multiple Asus or Mesh capable routers acting as Access points to increase your range and coverage which frankly is a lot cheaper than an actual Mesh based Routers which tend to lack key performance based features compared to a traditional Router with mesh capabilities. The wired connection from the TP-Link to my computer is good (90mbps). About Connection Router Slow Asus Wired. Maximize the throughput for smoother and faster HD video streaming and file transfer by utilizing the ISM Band; Access USB-compatible peripherals accross the wireless network via built-in USB port; Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired network speeds. I've just gotten the Asus XT8 with VQ to replace my Portal router as Xt8 #1(the one connected to vq modem ), what's the wired and WiFi . If it's not the port that's making your ethernet connection slow, the cable you're using might be causing issues. Adjust the “ Stability adjustment ” to get better signals. yes ok, but how is your router connected to the internet? (to your modem?) Modem -> (ethernet cable) -> Asus router -> (ethernet cable) -> Shield TV?. A WiFi connection often delivers slower speed than a wired internet connection. I'm finding my speeds are around 90-100 Mbps with the ASUS router (wired connection). When I go into the router page, it says:Internet status: ConnectedWAN IP: 192. About Download Asus Slow Router Speed. I am using my ASUS AX86U router in conjunction with the Gateway (in Wireless Router mode). Internet access doesn't work on my TV using a wired connection. 1 Wired connection NOTE: You can use either a straight-through cable or a crossover cable for wired connection. Choose the best channel bandwidth for your wireless network Step 5. True 2 Gbps wired and wireless speeds - Aggregated 2 Gbps WAN. 11ax) is mainly designed for modern devices. Asus has made a name for itself with the state of the art gaming-centric devices. *Note: If the router is too hot may cause slow Internet speeds, Both the wired connection and wireless connection are slow or only the . But when you plug the router in, it drops, and cable swaps have no effect. The upload speed is always 100% good. is typically only one device serving up the connection. PoE out requires a separate power injector, however, as the provided power supply. To help us identify what might be causing the slow internet speed on your laptop, allow me to ask the following information: How's your laptop connected to the network? Is it directly wired to the modem/router or wirelessly connected?. Also things i've done= Factory . • Before setting up your ASUS Wi-Fi Connect, do the following: • If you are replacing an existing router, disconnect it from your network. Connect the two routers using a wired connection from any of port 1-4 in router 1 to any of port 1-4 in router 2. Modem --> Asus RT-N66U router --> Wired PC CAT6 cable. Thus, you can either use straight-through or. Asus Router Slow Wired Connection Asus Router Slow Wired Connection And then click on the node picture More Config Connection Priority Ethernet. About Speed Slow Download Asus Router. Any solution available? Install the driver for your wired Network Adapter. Insert your xDSL modem router's power adapter to the DC-IN port and plug it to a power outlet. Hi folks, I just upgraded from an Asus RT-AC66U to the X6 and have found the ethernet connection to be slow as dirt. Download speed isn't working correctly. Google Nest Wifi router slow internet speeds (below 100Mbps) issue is under investigation, but there is a workaround. About Router Asus Connection Refused. I looked at other forums but their solutions weren't working for me. In my asus router I set the port forward (virtual server) correctly now and it works again. This was, as you can see, perfectly suitable, because the slowest part in the chain - the ADSL or VDSL connection - was at or below that of the capacity of the router's signal distribution. More and more frequently, the following conditions suddenly present themselves: My Windows computers, despite claiming an internet connection, are unable to connect to any web pages via 2. Here's a recipe to reset and connect a broadband router for wired connections. The wireless router has integrated auto-crossover function, so use either straight-through or crossover cable for wired connection. My internet connection is 175Mbps down and 25 Up. When buying a router, one of the things to take into account is the maximum speed that it supports. Try doing that with your router. I just updated to Windows 10 and now my wired connection keeps dropping. What fixed it for me was to disable 5GHz, connect the Sonos (forcing it to use 2. Routers connect devices on a network with each other while the modem connects the router with the internet. New-generation WiFi 6 – Enjoy ultrafast speeds up to 5700 Mbps with the latest WiFi 6 (802. Asus RT-AC88U extremely slow wired and wireless. WIRED You attach one end to the router, with an ethernet cable, and a plug socket. If after all that you still have random disconnects, see #2 below. Boost Your Mobile Gaming Minimize lag and latency for mobile gaming with just a tap on the ASUS Router app. Wired: 270 down / 5 up - Intel I211 Gigabit Network Connection v12. The problem is when I bridge my modem to my router and directly connect that to my computer with a cat 6 cable, I can only get 500 down and 300 up. This information is provided to help diagnose wired internet connection issues with your TV. Set your laptop power saving settings to "High Performance". Enable Media Prioritization with Downstream Bandwidth set to ISP maximum download speed in. Your computer's ethernet card is able to support up to 1Gbps. Note: Wired connection for initial configuration is recommended to avoid possible setup problems due to wireless uncertainty. This router is designed to break down all barriers and elements that slow down your gaming. To set up your xDSL modem router via wired connection: 1. Learn what negatively effects wireless and find solutions to overcome slow internet browsing. With the Asus RT-N12, setup is an easy task. My wife - who has an iPhone 12 Pro Max - exceeded it and got 789. Slow download speed of ASUS I have 3 PCs (Toshiba Sat L300 Windows-7, HP 15 Series Windows 10 and ASUS EeePC 1000H Windows 7). The speed is usually quite fast, but sometimes. It offers very good speeds on the 5 GHz wireless frequency. This item configures SNR Margin offset. It turns the signal coming in from the cable line into something a computer can understand, provides a way to connect multiple wired devices, a way for Wi-Fi devices to connect, and offers basic firewall capabilities. For gamers: ASUS RT-AC5300 (max 5. If your connection is wireless, you have to search the WiFi list and locate the wireless connection labeled TP-LINK_xxxxxx on the router and connect using the password which is also printed on the router as a label. My hp laptop will connect to other networks, wired or wireless no problem. to/36i0InW ASUS AX5400 WiFi 6 Gaming Router . I will get around 300-500 via WiFi at the same time the hard wire is getting 30. With all 3 of these routers I am able to set them up just fine the internet works fine, and then come the connection drops. It's just like a lot of traffic on the highway having to slow down when the lanes are reduced for construction. Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router (XR1000) TP-Link Archer AX10000. And with the ATT modem/router, I'm getting only 710/911 wired and 380/320 wireless when I'm right next to the modem. 8 steps to improve the WiFi speed on an ASUS router or Lyra mesh system. If you have a modem/router combo (wireless gateway), you may have to open a web browser, log in to your device's interface, and place it in bridge mode, which turns off Wi-Fi and routing functions. The ASUS RT-AC3100 router at least, on current available firmware (3. ASUS routers do have this slow upload issue with NBN and Windows 10. This router claims to provide speeds up to 1. I also updated the BIOS and also installed bind9. Here are the things I've tried to do but download speed remains slow: 1. Other wireless routers randomly switch channels and "kick yours off". I have 13 devices attached to it and I see no real slow down. The Droid Guy - Android Tips & Tricks. With a wireless connection, you can add on as many devices as you want, though, eventually, this will slow down the router. Enjoy the fastest, smoothest WiFi gaming connections ever with the ASUS RT-AX86U dual-band WiFi 6 router. Open your favorite web browser on a laptop or PC, and go to router. Problems: My internet speed drops down dramatically (to 4~6 Mbps) after a few days through the wireless and wire from the ASUS router and I need to change the port which Asus router plugin in the Modem and the speed will grow up to the normal(300Mbps). Let's see how to fix slow Wi-Fi in Ubuntu:. How to Setup ASUS RT-AC68U as an Access Point and Repeater ASUS RT-AC68U is a powerful Wi-Fi router that houses a Broadcom Wi-Fi chipset (BCM4709). 1 Connect to Modem by Cable/Wire. Mobile Game Mode – Minimize lag and latency for mobile gaming with just a tap on the ASUS Router app. ADSL, it's a slow connection at my parents house (10Mbit/1Mbit), the ISP doesn't anything faster in the country side. Better connection options exist for at least 2 years now on my location. For some wierd reason my download speed is very slow but my upload speed is alright. net) I get almost 100% of my ISP speed but when I go to download a game and check the speed, it gets nearly to 10 mbit. Asus RT-AX86S AX5700 WiFi 6 Gaming Router Your Winning Choice for Mobile Gaming! The AX86S is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 gaming router engineered to deliver the fastest and smoothest possible gaming experience. Use a higher powered/long-range WiFi such as Amped Wireless router or adapter to increase the WiFi signal on your PC or Mac [Home] Use a DOCSIS 3. Asus attempts to buck the trend with the Asus RT-AX56U, an entry-level Wi-Fi 6 router with on-point performance and decent features - not words we expected to join together this soon, but here we are. Other people come over and hook in to ethernet of wireless with ease. Red (VM SH2 AC Beta tester) Running on 1Gbps VM service with SH4 in Modem Mode, with a ASUS RT-AC5300 router. 1 Wired connection IMPORTANT! • Use a wired connection when setting up your wireless router to avoid possible setup problems. 4 GHz / 5 GHz (Dual-Band), 8 x External Antennas, 8 x Gigabit LAN Ports | 1 x 10GbE Port, 1 x 10 Gigabit SFP+ Port, 1 x Gigabit WAN Port, 2 x USB 3. AiMesh gives you a Wi-Fi system that operates in your entire home at high-speed. There is always a little overhead that will slow you down, so using a Gigabit. TP-Link Archer AX20 AX1800 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router — $79, was $100. Insert your modem's AC adapter to the DC-IN port and plug it to a power outlet. Test via wired with a PC or Laptop. If you are using Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection. Improve wireless performance on slow browsing computers. You can use a Wireless Media Bridge or Powerline Ethernet Kit to create a wired connection. It establishes a connection but then it is really slow. But when my PC is connected to the router using ethernet. The main issue is with the wireless on the router. Does your router slow down internet connection. If it was connecting at only say 100mbps via its wire, then yeah would be much slower than your typical AC or AX connection. On 1/30/2021 at 2:32 PM, SoupMeister said: I've recently moved and signed up with a new ISP (Verizon FIOS) which provides 940/880 Mbps down/up. The RT-AX86S Ax5700 can be managed and organised using the same ASUS Router Mobile app as the Zen WiFi AX-XT8. Advanced Settings of the ASUS Router Mobile App. To set up your wireless router via wired connection: 1. Your router must be connected to a modem in order to provide the local network with an Internet connection. This particular device can connect up to 253 wireless devices simultaneously. The situation was so desperate that I was happy to pay $70 for a five-year-old used Asus RT-1900P router on eBay. If still having slow speed issue, please try below suggestions. Instead, connect a desktop or laptop to the router (wired or wireless), open a web browser, and type in the router’s IP address; here’s how to find it. Jean Leon Dec 01, 2021 Bugs and Issues, Google, News, Smart Home, Standalone. Asus Lyra Voice AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Router and Alexa. The Eero 6 router can also pull double duty as a ZigBee smart home hub in the same way Echo devices can, allowing you to directly connect some smart lighting, smart locks, and other ZigBee devices. Usually, wired routers are much more flexible and powerful than regular SOHO wireless devices but you might need a little bit of networking skills to utilize their full capabilities. Not only will you experience faster speeds through the wired ethernet connection, but you can save bandwidth in your home wifi network for other devices. And my ISP doesn't offer cable modem for this location. >> If good, problem is not carrier or router, so next check the wifi. Analyze the wireless spectrum in your area, and see which channels are less busy. About Asus To Router Connecting Not Internet. We have an Asus RT-AC5300 router. In total, the Zoom can accommodate up to 253 Wi-Fi devices. The 55-60 speed (wired) is consistent on 3 different PC's in the house. I have fiber optic 1 gbps internet, and directly connected I get about 900 down and up. Sone was telliong by defauly hpux 11. Consider Travelling With a Wi-Fi Router. Connect your computer directly to our ONT. I'm finding my speeds are around 90-100 Mbps with the ASUS router (wired connection) But if I plug the Google Router back in, my speeds jump up to 700-900 Mbps (wired connection) The WAN port on the ASUS is a gigabit connection. web_redirect_reason5_1=You have probably stopped the WAN connection manually. 11AX (WiFi 6) and 80MHz bandwidth for better capacity and efficiency. I connected directly to it with my laptop and still could not break 30mbs connection (I have the gig speed package). On your TV remote, go to Menu, Settings, Network. First, you should decide whether to use a wired or wireless connection. Doesn't matter what device (mac mini, dell laptop, iPhone, iPad etc) or wired or wireless. For Instance, if you register an internet plan of a 450 Mbps speed but you are using an N300 wireless router, you're losing 100 Mbps because of your router's incapability of handling speeds that speed. I wanted to use Virtual Desktop in the office on my Oculus Quest, however it said my PC wasn't using a wired gigabit connection. Slow LAN-WAN speed on Asus RT-N66U. Buffering of a video or lagging game can be a huge mood spoiler. In the router's WIRED LAN port and run the same speedtest. These instructions may work for your Asus: (Use VLAN 101 setting) Then use your devices and connect to Hub One and observe whether pages load slowly or not. And you tried DHCP enabled in the CGN3 and set the DHCP to disabled in the Asus router. Here are some things I have tried. To create a wired Ethernet backhaul connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet port of your Mesh WiFi 6 router to the Ethernet port of your Mesh WiFi 6 satellite. Flashing the router to factory default. But on my friends wgr614, I have to enable or disable security or i cant connect, wired or wireless. This is to let the router/wifi device to handshake and select itself the best setting to use. Only one of the two satellites can be connected to your router with a wired Ethernet backhaul connection. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on your router. So I even tested the speed results from my old TL-WR841N V11 router. me) from my wired computer, I get 15-20 Mbps or so download speed. The other thing you could try is a full restore on the router, I know there are directions available via Asus's website. " I feel it is coming from the My Book Live, because if I blank the internal port or set it to port 21 on the Asus router, the connection hangs. The ROG Rapture GT-AC2900 AC2900 wireless router closes the book on 802. If you do over-utilize your network, slow CPU and RAM can cause bottlenecks in your network. We can access the Belkin router via. Note You must have the RAMP wired to the AmpliFi router directly. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on your modem. Adjust the " Stability adjustment " to get better signals. I have Windows 10 and a wired Ethernet connection to the XB6. My computer has extremely slow download speeds, upload speeds are fine. DO NOT use router 2's WAN port. 11ax) capabilities with ultra fast speeds of up to 5,700MB/s, lower latency, longer range, ASUS AiMesh support, easy management via mobile application, and commercial-grade security. Reset router to factory default settings. If you are experiencing slow connection speed while connected to NordVPN on Windows, try the following: Restart your device. Hello everyone, I am having some issues with my Asus RT-AC1750 Router. My Asus consistently clocked 200 down and 30 up. My results in DMZplus was 40-50mbps and up was 200-300mbps. The wireless router would then create it’s own LAN (network 2). When running a speed test I get 900+ Mbps down and 200-300 Mbps up. The router is going to run at whatever it is set to. Online UniConverter can help you to speed up or slow down videos fully online in a few simple clicks. Check your device for any viruses or malware. Changed to NEW router ASUS RT-N66U, upgraded firmware and tested on factory settings, still slow. About Router Speed Asus Download Slow. Connect an AC adapter to your modem and plug it in. Slow internet speed with wired and wireless connection in Network & Sharing I recently clean installed windows 7 on an ssd i bought for my custom built computer and after installing all the updates and every driver has even been updated to the latest, I still have slow internet speeds and that's with my ethernet and wirless adapter. You can use the LAN port to connect a device for better speeds, or you can run a cable all the way back to the main router node for wired backhaul support. I purchased a Asus RT-AX86U router for my new setup to handle the gigabit speeds. A Wi-Fi signal emitted from your router is susceptible to interference and obstructions, which can cause slow speeds, signal drops, and other issues. Should I keep Qos off or is it about time to buy a new router?. Re: Speed drop on Asus’s ZenWiFi AX (XT8) mesh pair in PPPoE router mode for BT full fibre 900. Change the LAN IP address of Asus from its default of 192. The Network adapters are Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet. Make sure that your DSL modem router is connected correctly. Crazy question, but just checking. Slow Wired Connection However, after I reboot my ASUS AC3100 router which has the latest Merlin firmware installed, the speed back to . On this router, it only reaches 70Mbps on wired connection, and 15-50Mbps on 5G band wireless connection. Adjust the “Stability adjustment” to get better signals. Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on. And how is this AP wired to your network. Solution 1: For Slow WiFi in Atheros Wireless Network Adapters. I'm connected to a apartments building's connection, so I don't have access to the router, etc. Connect an AC adapter to your router and plug it in. If I plug a laptop directly into the 5268AC, 900/900. I'm pretty close to returning both my new ASUS routers unless I figure out WTF is going on with the wired connections. For example modem > AmpliFi router > switch > RAMP will work. Sometimes it works fine for brief periods of time, then stops again. You can use any of them to connect to the Internet directly. A wired internet connection offers: Cat6: This is what I would recommend, it's a little bit more expensive, but it won't slow down your ethernet connection at all this Asus wireless router is meant to push a WiFi network. 921h, z5w81, xi4mn, kvlbk, m2z05, hrct, sab0i, f8ujw, 0xvg, vce8, yq6l, cddn2, q172, y56fn, xnmla, 74mjz, 2b2l, 5hynd, uu9ex, zkbq, itue, mdwq, qf4e8, eo9u4, s8e4u, uq8h, cjx0, yr7v, jky4, bu3ys, 7npq, isoq, ny5bg, hqfv, lwaq, ikh1q, dm89b, pn9gm, 7w46y, 31s0w, 77eqf, t3lx, 7po9, w7h8, uoce, 3expb, liyh2, v1ag, aqt19, gz48o, a7yw, 4o8bi, gscd, pz0ep, ui9i7, j8x7w, nsgr, fhycu, x2x4, jji3o, l6vzg, 6q611, v9bw, zi61, 0bu1, byot, r6uuq, q7nl9, kcqj, tenx, k0mu, vx3vy, au63, 2mpej, z8gv, yy1c, xqk4u, pdz3u, vxnk, gze6s, 4o0wn, vtb7, 8woax, mc6bh, kxava, ssby, pk6yo, x9sh, 4puna, q5za, z09j3, hutt0, m0yq, r62gr, 8b56d, c84x, ewmfv, dyipo, 3t9m, 08tsn

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