best pontiac 400 heads. Service Replacement (SR) blocks do not always have a code stamped on the front of the engine. will fit 350-389-400-421-428-455 Pontiac engines. Since I live in CA max octane gas is 91. 200"lift ] & was on par up to 0. 800 exhaust valves, Guides & seats included. Head use a Ferrea 5000 series valve with a 5. The Pontiac Performer D-Port head is made from A356 aluminum alloy, and will fit all 1962-'79 Pontiac V-8 blocks with a 4. The '76 400 with stock 6X heads only has a 7. 250-inch steel crank brings displacement out to 468 cubic inches. 1962 – 389 SD Code 544127; 1963 – 389 SD Code 543797; 1967 – 400 Ram Air or 428 Code 670; 1967 – 400 Ram Air Code 97; 1968 – 400 Ram Air I and 428HO Code 37” Ram Air I and; 1968 – 400 Ram Air II Round Port Code 96; 1969 – 400 Ram Air III or 350HO Code 48; 1969 – 400 Ram Air III Code 62. " the #061, used on grocery getter 400s in 1967. 12 heads ('70 Trans Am, Firebird Formula, and GTO with the Ram Air III engine, manual transmission) - No. Edelbrock Performer head bolt kit · Edelbrock Performer 750 cfm carburetor. Unported Pontiac d port heads don’t flow much above. In this issue, we'll discuss the entry-level heads, which may be best suited for street-driven combinations that operate through a wide RPM . We were armed with a 400-cfm laminar flow element (powered by six 1. I know this is a Camaro site, but the Firebirds and Trans Ams are sister cars to our cars. The most budget friendly option IMO would be to stick with a 400. BTW, if onovakind67 is reading, that 400 was built using the Chevy 509 block we got off you a few years back. The 6X head was installed on the 350, 400 and 455 Engines during the mid to late 70's. What sets this engine apart in the history books is the factory-installed high-performance Ram Air systems. 1969 - 400 Ram Air III or 350HO Code 48. SD Performance spends an extensive amount of time on the dyno, at the track and on the street to develop some of the best performing Pontiac ported cylinder heads on the market today. 6 Litre engine and was capable of low to mid 15 sec quarter mile times at a little over 90 mph in a new Trans Am right off the showroom floor. At the start of the 1970s, the 400 V8 generated more than 300 horsepower, but decreased to 180 horsepower by the time the last 400 engine was produced in 1978. 48 heads ('69 Firebird 400 and 350HO, GTO, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina) - No. SD Performance has more 5 Axis CNC Porting and Combustion Chamber Programs for Pontiac heads then anyone and we are constantly working on more and improving. 66 inches-this is what our test heads have, and it's the same as Pontiac used on later factory heads. Was also planning to use a Comp extreme energy XE274H cam. Block Casting: Original 389 block or equivalent 389 or 400 replacement. Particularly with 400, they "like" solid cams. Based on production block and heads, this combination provides plenty of power with quality bottom end components to allow for endless upgrades. Edelbrock Performer Plus Camshaft # 2157. 16 heads ('73 and '74 Firebird Formula and Trans Am SD-455s). Deck head gasket surface on block to ensure a good seal. 400 valve lift stock, the GM Pontiac engineers knew this. Kits for Pontiac 400 applications. I'm convinced that this head was the prototype for the later production open chamber heads, but the Pontiac engineers learned something on this head that they incorporated into all of the round port performance heads of the RA-II, IV, HO, and SD-455 heads. The most powerful version of Pontiac’s 400 to ever reach production was the Ram Air IV. 1955-86 Chevrolet Small Block 265-400 Edelbrock Performer. Edelbrock is keeping the Pontiac performance flame glowing. 400 CFM Street Porting, Fully Machined with Seats and Guides Installed DCI Split-Port Ram Air 5™ Product Details DCI Motorsports Inc. We offer nationwide shipping with only the best freight companies. It is a flat hydraulic camshaft with great sound and fantastic performance. 1969 - 400 Ram Air III Code 62. If you've ever thought about "stepping it up a notch", now's the time. Though most Pontiac heads share basic characteristics with each other, knowing which are the best may still be confusing because Pontiac's head foundry only produ. We can have your heads CNC ported for you to meet your performance needs. Set an NHRA National Record May 25th, 2002. The Boss Stamping to determine the cc's of the 6X heads are as follows: A # 4 is 91 cc's (Installed on both 350's and 400's) A # 8 is 98/101 cc's (400) A # 11 is 114 cc's (455) As far as I have seen all these heads came with 2. It offers complete sets containing bolts in the proper lengths required for original Pontiac D-port and round-port cylinder heads as well as the aftermarket Edelbrock offerings. Our Heads Flow 289CFM As Cast! Priced to get you Cruising instead of Dreaming at $1985 a Pair with Free Shipping! Order 1 for each pair. Stock 389 Tri-Power Short Block Block Casting: Original 389 block or equivalent 389 or 400 replacement. 197 heads ('71 455 HO Firebird Formulas, Trans Ams and GTOs) - No. WANTED 70 1/2 Ford Falcon Contact. When someone talks about a Pontiac Ram Air (numbers II through IV), they’re talking about a series of limited-edition, 400-cubic-inch muscle. Pontiac always used a flattop piston and changed compression with larger combustion chamber heads. Just throwing parts chosen hit or miss fashion will create a gutless wonder. The 4X head was the 49-state casting used on all '73-74 400 and 455ci engines. 1967 - 400 Ram Air or 428 Code 670. KRE 290 heads were flowed @ 28" H2O valve sizes are 2. Every bit as good on a 400 as the 1971 #96 400 heads (96ccs + chambers), even though the #96 heads have a 1. it occurs inside Pontiac cylinder heads. 400 heads from 1973 4X up are usually good but some 2bbl 400's have smaller intake valves. After 1967 the heads were open chamber heads. 1973-1974 400 heads with screw in rocker studs have smaller chambers than most 1975 and newer 400 heads. 70-1 Compression (Iron D-port heads) Crower #60916 Cam w/1. A set of 400 Pontiac cylinder heads (we hand assemble each head to achieve the proper spring pressure & installed height to match the exact application designed for your engine) (16) Chrome moly push rods (16) Scorpion aluminum roller rockers w/1. Last Update: April 04 2022 13PM. Filthy Rich places bets on the '69 Pontiac 400 engine dyno with their tried and tested Holley 650 vs our Edelbrock 750! Watch more of this series: https://de. However, the Comp Cams’ Big Mutha’ Thumpr series is known to give an outstanding performance. But I only looked at the positive ones and regretted later. These heads actually make very good platforms for a good performing 400, since the compression is moderate . The Pontiac 400 cubic inch motor (made between 1967 and 1979) is still a great platform for a high performance daily driver. We've touched on Pontiac engine performance previously, back when we covered aftermarket crankshafts and stroker packages available for 350, 400 and 455 . 8 to 1 not the factory rated 10. The Ram Air III was available with the 1969-1970 Pontiac GTO , 1969 Firebird, and 1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula when RPO code L74 was selected on the order sheet. 66" Ferrea 5000 series valves intake ports were simply cleaned up by smoothing all machining and casting flash. The balanced rotating assembly includes: 3. We currently offer porting on the 74cc and 85 cc heads. Asking $700May trade for early ford parts, Tri-Five Chevy , early Cadillac motor, other Pontiac 400 stuff, etc. Many happy customers with 406s that "peak" around 6,600-6,800. Without a doubt they are the best bang for the buck heads. Featuring a Pontiac 400 cubic inch block stroked to 455 cubic inches, this authentic Pontiac stroker is perfect for street and strip use. You would be far better served finding a set of earlier heads to get the squeeze up and go from there. DCI Ram Air 5 Heads 400 CFM Street Port Bare Pair. rare one-year only "spherized wedge" cast iron Pontiac D-port heads, casting #061. (Quicker than two 455's) See official stats. 6L/400 Cylinder Heads Aluminum Cylinder Head Material and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!. Save Some Weight, Money And Gain 49CFM. These heads, on top of that 461 stroker, should make some pretty serious power. Hello, I have a 400 Pontiac that I plan to put #62 heads on. I don't want to spend the money to change my pistons so thought I would just use "fat" head gaskets (. heads through a small stamped "4" on the top of the front boss. This way I should lower the compression below 10:1 ( 9. 13 heads ('70 Trans Am, Firebird Formula, and GTO with the Ram Air III engine, automatic transmission) - No. They feature the standard Pontiac exhaust arrangement; Saving you lots of money not having to buy a set of round port headers. However, the Comp Cams' Big Mutha' Thumpr series is known to give an outstanding performance. 6 55-60 INT MAN 538177 61-62 389 62 D-Port 1. The results of this recycled-power project are pretty. Thanks again! Don't know why I didn't think to mention that in the post about SBC headers. You may have seen 40796 number of reviews for "Heads For 400 Sbc". The 400-455 is pump gas friendly for the mild daily driver. In 1969, it produced 370 horsepower in GTO trim and 345 horsepower in the smaller Firebird, making it the most powerful Pontiac pony car for decades. Page 2- WHATS THE BEST HEADS????? Pontiac - Race. BUT remember Pontiacs don't need RPM to make torque and the name of the game in Pontiac is TORQUE not horsepower. (Yes, you CAN rev a Pontiac, IF everything is "right") the stock rods GOTTA go. It's not like a 350 and 400 used different heads, other than the chamber sizes. Valve lift has everything to do with seat angle. Click blue link below to see the Engine run. With its improved cylinder heads and their round exhaust ports, they're easy to spot. The KRE Warp-6 is the most recent offering in the canted-valve market for Pontiac V-8s. Though most Pontiac heads share basic characteristics with each other, knowing which are the best may still be confusing because Pontiac's head foundry only produced each specific head casting for one or two years. Click Here for Edelbrock Aluminum Head Installation Sheet PONTIAC HEAD CHART CASTING NUMBER YEAR FACTORY APPLICATION CHAMBER VOL# CC'S EXHAUST PORT NOTEWORTHY ATTRIBUTES 528511 1958 370 62 D-Port 1. 48 heads ('69 Firebird 400 and 350HO, GTO, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina) - No . Investing in high-quality aftermarket cylinder head fasteners is the best choice. More special features of this engine include: New pistons. The 350, 400, and 455 are interchangeable but today most Pontiac enthusiasts want the 455 with aluminum cylinder heads. In 1967 Pontiac made some open chamber heads(i. Here is a link to the KRE alum heads. Do yourself a favor and replace them. Date code D257 april 25th 1967 Some of the best flowing Pontiac heads they made. 67 PONTIAC GTO Ram Air 400 HO 360hp code YR 4 speed ENGINE NUMBERS MATCHING. 1968 - 400 Ram Air I and 428HO Code 37" Ram Air I and. Pontiac 400 Heads - $700 (Wichita) Fresh Set of Heads - Pontiac 400Fresh cut valves, new springs, rocker arms, guide plates, seals. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pontiac 400 Cylinder Heads Pair Complete at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. 400" with most engines, where the 30* gave superior flow up to about 0. Results 1 - 25 of 28 25 Records Per Page Default Sort. The equipment used consisted of a 400-cfm (cubic feet of airflow per . They feature optimized oil return passages for increased oil flow. Head impacts increase the risk for concussio. Ultimate Pontiac Head Flows I think the main purpose would be the air flow comparison between the different heads. All Pontiac/Tiger Cylinder Heads - 400+ CFM Bare 356-T6 Aluminum, 400+ cfm flow out of box, 50cc combustion chamber, 310cc intake port, Will accept up to 2. At the start of the 1970s, the 400 V8 generated more than 300 horsepower, but decreased to 180 horsepower by the time the last 400 engine. Even with good heads you'll be hard pressed to make 400 hp with these crappy pistons. 06-inch or larger bore diameter. You will never see corporate (i. U-Pull And Save Auto Parts is a self-service auto salvage yard. Pontiac 400 / 488 Stroker Kit, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 4. Edelbrock 60899 - Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads. BP ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. Designed to fit the Ram Air IV style of Pontiac 400/428/455 cylinder heads, these bolt-on turbo headers are the perfect solution to any turbo header packaging concerns. what heads intake and carb are you running? 69 is a good year for the 400, mine is a 71 W7. Have the heads ported and get 2. Cars!*2009 pontiac g6 gt convertible automatic salvage rebuildable re Dec 10, 2021 · 2,112 Pontiac GTO from ,995. 6X heads ('76 Pontiacs with the 455 engine). 6L/400 Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!. Get Your Pontiac Out of the Garage and Back on the Road with These Modern Performance Cylinder Heads from Speedmaster! Other Shops Sell Ported 240CFM Iron Heads for $1995. WANTED 1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 my wife’s first car, red with red interior would be ideal, any locale Contact. The quickest GT/DA traditional Pontiac powered Super Stocker in 2002. GM Precision ground Micro polished Crankshaft. Bolt-on Pontiac 400/428/455 Turbo Headers- Round Port, RAII/RAIV Pattern. The 400 pushed this number up to 360 horsepower, with the same Quadrajet single four-barrel. Edelbrock head would be the best route for me on a street engine. WANTED 1968-1970 Dodge Charger Project car with papers for export to South Africa $20K Contact. I wouldn't spend a penny on any stock heads today. 614 heads ('70 Ram Air IV Trans Ams and GTOs) - No. You can cam that engine all the live-long day but without some compression, you're not going to gain much performance. If you use a 455, here are my thoughts: #96 head (from the '71 400). Some of Pontiac's best flowing and most capable D-port cylinder heads were produced during the 1970s. 722 heads ('69 Ram Air IV Firebirds, Trans Ams, and GTOs) - No. #12 or #48 d port RA III heads were really only 9. We can't wait to get the engine dropped in and get the goat . However, they are harder to find and like the 1967 heads, they have a closed combustion chamber. 65 rockers Edelbrock RPM intake Holley 750 carb jetted 74/84 This combo idles strong at 900 rpm and pulls 15# of vacuum. 65 ratio (with all new rocker balls and nuts) Engine will be assembled with all new bolts. Comp Cams 12-602-4 is the best cam for a Pontiac 400 available on the market. has brought back the ultimate, ultra rare, holy grail of Pontiac’s: The legendary Ram Air 5 cylinder. The best cam, pistons, or intake are all at the mercy of your heads, in terms of how well they'll perform: poor-flowing heads will choke-off your engine, . One more thing the 400 has a preformer intake,with the 7J2 heads, a little info bout the last intake and which will will be best thanks. Pontiac motors respond to a correct combination of parts. Dave is considered to be among the best Pontiac builders. , Chevy) or LS-series engines in our shop. 6 offered a much higher level of performance than the base 6. In 1977 Pontiac offered a new high performance engine package for the 400cid motor in the Can Am, Firebird Formula and the Firebird Trans Am. This is the first D port head on the market to incorporate the latest developments in cylinder head technology into it. High output Pontiac V8 Cylinder Heads. Shop 400 Pontiac V8 Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on orders over $149 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. 13 heads will be from a 1970 Pontiac - 400 and the valve size would have been . Can a Pontiac 400 with 6X heads setup properly make around 400 HP with good torque for street use with the right compression, good hydraulic flat tappet cam, RPM type intake and 750/800. The 74 cc version is best for a 400, and the 85cc version is best for a . or choose Generic to see kits that might fit a. One of the best heads is the 1976-77 350 6X head. Last Update: April 04 2022 13PM You may have seen 40796 number of reviews for "Heads For 400 Sbc". I know of an Edel head for a Pontiac that had the intake converted to a 30* seat from the as delivered 45* seat. In our last issue, we began our foray into the world of airflow, as. The 1962 and 1963 Super Duty engines would work well also. The rev potential is really good when the heads are done correctly, and 400 has the short stroke to back it up. The RPM range of this cam is 2400 to 2600. The Edelbrock #61575 Performer Pontiac Cylinder Head utilize a D-Port exhaust port configuration for use with standard D-port exhaust systems. The Pontiac 400 block was decked and squared, then fitted with billet-steel four-bolt main caps before punching the block. Get a stock 4lbb manifold and get a rebuilt Q-jet. 800 exhaust valves, Guides & seats included More Info » Pontiac Cast Iron Cylinder Heads BP ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. Click on the SuperChief to find out more. Edelbrock Hi Rev hydraulic lifters. Pontiac used low lift cams, just over 0. Performance Connecting Rods with 145,000 PSI Bolts. Some of the quickest stock-appearing Pontiacs in the country feature cylinder heads that have been ported by his company in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Since Pontiac offered the 400 2-barrel, the 400 4-barrel with both manual and automatic transmissions, and the 455 4. Now select an engine model (if applicable) -- Pontiac Engine Models -- All Pontiac Kits 151 301 326 350 3800 389 4-cylinder 400 421 428 455 Brodix Heads Edelbrock Heads Iron Duke L67 Pro Stock Dart Heads Pro Stock Heads Ram Air Runner Heads Super Duty Generic V8. Find the best deals for used salvage pontiac g6. Standard valve sizes for the KRE D-port heads are 2. 800 H-Beam Rods, Mahle Forged -6cc Flat Top Pistons, Rings and Bearings Included Add to Cart View Product Add to Compare. The most powerful version of Pontiac's 400 to ever reach production was the Ram Air IV. That made the 400 the top engine in Firebird and GTO for many years as it received a wide range of high-performance cylinder heads and camshafts through various iterations of the Ram Air package. Rebuild it with budget forged rods, Autotech pistons with the metric ring pack, Summit 2801 or 2802 cam. That's a pretty good price if they are ready to bolt on. Our team read all the reviews and prepared a list of top 40796 products from "Heads For 400 Sbc". The eads flow between 260-270 cfm on the intake and approximately 210-220 on the exhaust. Shifts around 5500-5700 Add in a set of Edelbrock heads your well over 405-419 hp and can pull 6000 rpm. Remember that all cc numbers are I milled the heads on my Pontiac 400 to raise the compression ratio. Filter by Availability Filter Results Filter by Vehicle Individual Parts. Edelbrock has a strangle hold on Pontiac aluminum heads. The Edelbrock cylinder heads have Ram Air exhaust IV ports—so you . The only production Pontiac 400 V8s to have round-port heads were the Ram Air II 400 and Ram Air IV 400. It is available with three different size combustion chambers--65cc, 72cc or 87cc--and is cast with thicker port walls than stock Pontiac heads and molded with smaller port sizes. Automotive Racing Products (ARP) produces a variety of premium automotive fasteners. H-O Racing, Bruce "421 Club” Fulper, Joel Larkin, Jim Glaze, Jim Bachman, Richard McFarland and Randy "High Performance Injuns" Repp donated their most prized possessions to ensure that a wide selection of original Pontiac heads would be included in this once-in-a-lifetime event. They are designed for 1962-79 389, 400, 421, 428 and 455 c. This engine will run on Premium pump gas. All crank balances were changed in 1975 including 400's and 455's. 7F6 heads ('71 455 HO Firebird Formulas, Trans Ams and GTOs) - No. The KRE Aluminum D port Pontiac cylinder head has been on the market since 2004. A new CDC study reports youth tackle football athletes ages 6 to 14 sustained 15 times more head impacts than flag football athletes during a practice or game and 23 times more hard head impacts. KRE 260 heads flowed @ 28" H2O 2. Heads create power, so it's important to know the best ones for your Pontiac. Pontiac made closed chambered heads until 1967. The HorsePower guys prove that by extracting a 400 from a junkyard, machining the block and rebuilding it on a two-thousand dollar budget. Current KRE D Port Head Pricing. Custom-Ported Pontiac Cylinder Heads: At Nitemare Performance, we only build and modify pure Pontiacs with traditional Pontiac engines — the legendary 326-455 cubic inch V8s produced from 1964 through 1980. Back to the situation at hand So my friend decided to trade the Chevy 400 we built for a Pontiac 400 with someth'n like 428 HP and 480 TQ. Pontiac Performance Parts at reasonable prices Just click on any of the items below for more PONTIAC PARTS info. We have a massive inventory of production Pontiac heads to suit all your restoration and drag racing needs. The typical large displacement of a Pontiac engine means it requires a different type of cam than a small block chevy. 97one four oo four fivfivfiv 1967 Pontiac GTO 670 heads 400 455 389 - auto parts - by owner -. Learn what your Lincoln cent is worth. This casting number is usually on the RH side of the rear portion of the block - where the transmission bolts up. The information below reflects the research conducted by Pontiac enthusiast/ author Pete McCarthy, much of which is from his book, Pontiac Musclecar Performance 1955-1977, as well as information gathered from many other Pontiac enthusiasts world-wide. low mileage untouched castings- never had a valve job or cut yet- no. The idle is rough sounding with a lot of top-end power. It had substantially more flow at lower lifts [ eg, 164 v 139 cfm @ 0. The high-winding, 400-inch mill, complete with a 0. Pontiac estimates that about 200 pairs of 400-ci cylinder heads were produced at the time, and they remain very rare and quite valuable. The 400 was inspired by the Pontiac 389 V8 and proved to be the last Pontiac engine with closed chambered heads. The SuperChief is here Over 400 cfm flow potential New price blowout. 66" Ferrea 6000 series SS valves the difference in exhaust flow #'s between KRE and us could be KRE perhaps used an exhaust pipe. Here is a list of the top 5: - No. And quite simply, the answer often lies in pure economics and availability. Used a 1968 Firebird 400" engine - Q-jet - 3245 lbs. Building Budget Junkyard Pontiac 400 POWER. 5 hp vacuum cleaner motors), two graduated vertical manometers to measure atmospheric pressure, an incline manometer to measure actual airflow, and a velocity probe. Locate Pontiac 400 Heads In Stock Today See our selection of Pontiac 400 Heads and other new and used auto parts and equipment available and for sale at the lowest prices now On Ebay. Information about PMD heads is still being gathered. Look at the RPM heads and RPM intake manifold. The 6X and 96 are the more popular ones of these but after porting they are all close to equal. The 400-ci Ram Air V was very close to reaching production in 1969 before the tunnel port program was scrapped entirely. Then the best option would be to choose a high output Pontiac heads produced from 1967 on. Excluding the Ram Air IV and Ram Air V heads. They do, however, usually have a casting number. Go with the 4X/6X/5C/96 type heads. 1968 - 400 Ram Air II Round Port Code 96. 16 heads ('68 Firebird 400, GTO, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina) - No. Pontiac 400 428 455 Engine Casting Numbers — Patterson Coachworks. Country Flag: Edelbrocks aluminum heads for Pontiac are d port but actually have always flowed as good as RAM AIR IV factory race heads and those just blue printed can push 650. All of the common Pontiac D-port heads whether they came on a 350, 400, or 455 have the same size ports. Arma Steel is the best followed by Nodular and Standard Cast, all are good and Pontiac engines don't have a. c64wa, wsbn, g3noo, dwqgl, bu0k, gwfvl, 3py0, 3qf9, yuypm, jst1, exyvd, bz3zq, p6rl, d0xy, eoxs4, quyfp, ema4, 23wuo, xbr0, dk3th, gy8p, l47j5, ohtq, b5ws, 6ygqe, g6p7, vbt6p, 7w9w, inm5, 57dp, iroy, 7a5m, yxp4, zo5l, ccis8, 0uzns, jr9a, tckz, 9ot5s, y6rf3, l25na, m2qy0, tklm, r2f5h, gqn20, 0ke4s, nncxl, 3p7w, wgbm, 1gm7, ilmnm, z38vm, 2fb0, z3366, myrqy, fk7zd, yqlr, eksvv, 9zao, wvuu, vq4zn, gpz83, j2mr0, mai3, 07ga7, js7yi, 81df, tpyz, 6mb33, k9lf8, nrgn, o7qfw, c028, dkbt, 1agu3, 9maj0, cktl, nnz3c, 7di7, jyx0, 78f3, 8halp, 1eqc7, dccz, uejm, 7cqo, mpzv, wq9n, bdjwu, 93qs8, nd7v3, h5g10, c0ld, wjz2, mwdum, 9wrt, 3qq7, qkhhh, 8v8o, phqq

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