driveline vibration at 60 mph. Greetings Eric! I am writing to you today because I believe I have exhausted all of my options in determining what is making the front end of my 2007 Honda Accord SE V6 shimmy like a 60’s Go-Go dancer between 60. I think it was finally found to have a faulty torque converter that wasn't filling right, so out of balance. Horrible vibration over 60 MPH. I have had the wheels balanced, but this did not. I have a vibration felt in the seat not steering wheel at 50-60 mph, mostly felt 53-57 mph. The suspension/ ride height has been lowered front and back, about 2" I think. Vibration 40-65 mph Trailblazer 03, Not the SPRINGS! already replaced. It is only when you are on the gas just enough to maintain speed. Usually a vibration around 55-60 is a wheel/tire balance issue. Transmission just rebuilt rear rear just rebuilt. I swapped in a 12 bolt for the 10 bolt and put 3/8 inch billet spacers on. If not propshaft related, are there any issues with rear driveshaft CV joints on these cars? (Assuming they are CV joints and not a different type of joint?) I' . I'm sorry bushings and ball joints do not cause drive line vibrations. I have replaced my control arms and bushings. Joined Aug 20, 2011 · 36 Posts. Is the vibration felt in the steering wheel? YES: This TSB does NOT apply. Sat Nav on dash vibrates side to side. 03 G at the vehicle speed of 60 mph (vehicle speed tracked on a scan tool). It happens pretty abruptly - you hit 72MPH and it starts, and gets stronger up to 75 (I didn't go faster than that, the vibration was too much, and made me nauseous. check your tires, balancing, driveshafts, hubs etc. GO TO MY WEBSITE AND BMW FORUM !!!https://www. There are numerous sources of vibrations for anything mechanical. Just had the wheels balanced and the vibration continues. I'll look drive shaft / u-joints next . Nothing else changed but yet now I have this vibration??? I took it to my mechanic and he checked the driveline said it spins true and the pinion angle is -4* which is fine. So after work today I went on some spirited driving and and finally hit the sweet spot of that Damn 70 mph vibration and surprise the vibration is all gone. Some level of driveline vibration is normal in ALL vehicles. I'm going crazy trying to figure out what's causing the highway vibration in my Ranger! Here's the deal: I've tried rotating, balancing, and and replacing, and the truck still vibrates a good amount at 60-65, and to a lesser extent as slower. Even put back my stock control arms. We may send it to Charlotte to have it balanced. Hi , I have this vibration from 60-85 MPH. W210 AMG - 60mph Vibration - Ok guys, maybe you can help me solve this. Rear drives have 5k on one axle, 20k on the other. RWB44 said: I'm getting a constant vibration/rumble that can be felt (and heard) in the floorboard and through the center of the car (driveline) at low speed and rpms. I send them to the driveshaft shop but on some of them they had a groove cut on the inner so you could use joints that used inner clips, they worked perfect. I have a FRPP aluminum driveshaft. The shudder vibration may be noticed mostly during light throttle acceleration of 30-64 mph (48-104 km/h) during steady state driving with the transmission not actively shifting gears. around 70 it gets worse we’re I’m driving to the UP of Michigan from Illinois and my hand starts to get numb lol. Only happens when applying the gas. Driveshaft balance issues can generally be felt at vehicle speeds over 30 mph. If I'm going say 65 mph and I put the brownie in neutral I still have the vibration so that narrows it down to the rear end, driveshaft or the output on the brownie. comCLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR NEXT CAR PARTS FROM MY AMAZON STOREhttps://www. The tires are new but i balanced them again and rotated the tires to be sure. I have an 05 wrangler unlimited with a driveline vibration at 50-60 mph at 1500-2000 rpm. What do you think is causing my vibration? I get a vibration that is constant once I get to 60 MPH. I feel this vibration thru my acc. 2L legacy wagon 243,000 miles; about to instal used 107. Maybe driveshaft out of phase but not . Took off each of the driveshafts separately and run it, vibrations with both, but most with the front. It got alittle better but its still there. Discussion Starter · #5 · May 14, 2009. If there’s no vibration in Park, we can take the wheels off completely, put the coach on a lift, and run it up to 60-70 mph. Any time I get above 60 miles an hour, I get a nasty grinding noise, A 6" lift changes all the driveline geometry and will cause bad . I'm hoping its an easy fix and this doesn't drag on. Jeep Wrangler Vibration at 60 mph So once we've determined when the vibrations happen and under which circumstances, we can narrow it down to specifically related components. I would think if you have drive shaft problem, you will feel vibration at lower speed. It almost feels like a u-joint or rear diff. But then, why does it still vibrate with the rear drive shaft removed? Its very perplexing. Starts at about 100 kmh ( 60 mph ) Ordered new rims and tires, so that has been eliminated! Still have a harsh vibration in floor, steering wheel and shifter. it has a mustang rack in it the last onwer installed. The higher the speed, the more vibration. So, if a visual inspection of the driveline doesn't show anything obvious and the u-joints have no play in them, then start with the likely suspect and work from there. Any thoughts anyone might have would be much . well another problem with the sho at 60+ mph I get really noticeable vibration in my steering wheel, on my gear shift and my back and butt etc. Did you get this issue resolved? I have a 2010 Acadia. I have a vibration at 60-70 mph that makes the 4-spd shifter vibrate. The Truck drives very smooth up to 60 km/h (40MPH) then starts to vibrate in the seat and the floor, The Vibration seems to be at its worst at 100 km/h (60MPH) and the steering wheel starts to shake, The Vibration changes Frequency at around 120 km/h (80MPH) and becomes less noticeable. Immediately upon leaving the dealership I noticed a vibration that started at about 68 mph. An explanation of drive shaft harmonics and vibrations. I use the truck as my daily driver and tow my car trailer. Since it was only a 5 mph range at the time he. Check your tire wear if you're getting vibration in the steering wheel while also check your drive shaft maybe it's not balanced right. All tires have been road force balanced. I feel it in both the seat and the steering wheel. Friend said maybe drive shaft is out of balance. This is the one I use now 20 miles away, great work and fair price. There is a little tire vibration mixed in at different speeds but the two vibes above are very consistent. I've already replaced rear driveshaft u-joints, figured it was almost time anyway, but the vibration stayed. I have since purchased a TODDCO rebuild drive shaft and have a slight vibration which comes at 60 . However, if the vehicle exhibits a vibration under the following conditions, continue to step 2. Toyota service looked at the car three times and told me there was no vibration and I should seek psychological counseling. Vibration at 40 to 45 MPH: Jazz921: Drivetrain Tech: 4: 08-17-2013 09:05 AM: Vibration near 50 mph: Relax and Drive: Drivetrain Tech: 4: 03-29-2013 09:18 AM: Vibration at 60+ mph: SLRebel: Wheels and Tires: 23: 03-22-2013 11:31 PM: Finally cured my 60-68 MPH vibration: oldcrowalki: General Ford Ranger Discussion: 10: 01-11-2013 07:37 PM. Now I have a harmonic vibration. ) clean the splines on the driveshaft with brake cleaner. Second, when on the highway, 60mph+ the vibration increases with speed. I just purchased a '99 Suburban K1500 with 121,000 miles on it. It doesn't seem likely that a final drive ratio or transfer case would cause vibrations when not even moving. It was a lower frequency vibration that only happened during acceleration. I also did some nice rips up to 130 mph and my rig is solid and driving like it never did before. Once I get over 55-60mph the vibration starts and wont go away until I get down to around. The car also pulls to the right some, which really only started after having the car aligned. Ever since I got new Conti DWS tires, replaced front springs, and had the car aligned in March, I have had some amount of vibration both felt in the car and shaking of the steering wheel around 60 mph. These type problems can drive one nuts, but can usually be found by process of elimination. Coast down or during braking Speeds between 10 – 30 mph 3. The 60 mph vibration is back but much less noticeable. I've spent 2+hrs searching and reading all the threads on here about the vibration issues with aftermarket driveshafts on these cars. It was not there last night while on the interstate and while cruising at normal in-town speeds it is not there. Starting at about 55-60 mph, get high frequency vibration from under the jeep. It basically happens if driving then slowing down, say to make a right turn, and then slowly accelerating again (this is when it happens). The old "buttometer" says it is a common tire balance problem. In many ways, you’re left guessing and you end up throwing parts at the problem. 50-60 not so much, just small amount. Driveline vibration at 60 mph Submissions are now being taken for MARCH OUTBACK OF THE MONTH 1 - 13 of 13 Posts B britbiker Registered (1) 95 2. Drivetrain vibrations, tend to be constant, growing in severity as the speed increases. While I had to the driveshaft off, I checked. If you keep accelerating, it'll often "push through" and stop vibrating. It is felt in the seat and the steering wheel. So, if your car shakes when driving over 70 mph and your tires check out, then you might have worn CV joints or a worse powertrain problem. And even weirder, the vibrations only occur after it's been driven for around 15mins or more. It has a very fast frequency and seems to get faster with road speed. Whenever I accelerate between around 35 - 60 mph you can feel a really rough vibration. I got the Tom Woods driveshaft and installed it today. My friend at my car parts place suggested (after telling him this story today) I rotate the driveshaft 180 degrees and reinstall it and see it the vibration changed. I have done the following to determine the source of the vibration to no. The vibration is consistent at 60-70mph, I use the brakes to get the revs down then immediately push the cruise switch to climb. Hi Guys, It has been few days that I feel mild intermittent vibration on my driveline when I am cruising and keep steady speed around . The vibration is vehicle-speed related. So I know it isn't a wheel balance issue. Since there is no vibration until you get over 60, that suggests a tire balance problem. Brand new driveshaft and all associated hardware (yokes etc) Transmission is new and so is flexplate (vibration was there on my old tranny too so that can't be the issue. After the new tires the vibration was really noticeable. Noticed a vibration in steering wheel back in January around 16,000 miles. If you were to graph out a vibration, it will have an amplitude (strength) and a wave length (frequency). They also told me there is a production change in the A5/S5 and now all new models will be fitted with these new parts. My 2009 Mercury Mariner FWD I4 with 77,000 miles (yes, 2009 with 77,000 miles) has a vibration/ shudder at around 60 MPH. "At 1500 rpm, you can feel a vibration in the seats. Got new wheels, tires, road forced balances. the truck is an 2000 chevrolet 1500 Silverado Z71 with 197,000 miles. If put in neutral to coast, the noise/vibration is still present, but not as pronounced. wheels and tires, balanced the driveshaft nothing have a vibration in my hotrod. I don't really feel much in the steering wheel, mostly through the pedals or floor through seat. Driveline vibrations are probably the hardest things to diagnose next to intermittent electrical problems. Several other people have posted on here having the same vibration problem as you at speeds around 50-60 mph. Have a 2003 V6 DBLCAB 4X4 TRD with just over 200K Miles on it that has developed a buzz/rumble you can hear and feel when under power. Are you running aftermarket wheels? Does it go away at speeds over 60 mph? Do you have a stock front driveshaft?. Dad complained about a some whole car vibration at about 60 mph or so. The stiffness variation forces the wheel up as the vehicle rolls over the stiff spot, thus a vibration and it can be felt at 60 mph but not at 50 mph due to a frame / body natural frequency. Hi, my name is Jeff and I have a 2014 Silverado 1500 2wd, 4dr short bed and I have been battling an intermittent driveline vibration since almost day one that has been getting progressively worse. I have a 3 inch lift, and installed the transfer case. " Yes, I caught that also whopper. I get a second vibration at 49-52 mph that can only be described as the rear of the truck hopping. 3l with just under 1000 miles that has a vibration at 60+mph when coasting letting off the gas and under light acceleration. With the trans back in the car, I've noticed a bad vibration in the driveline at speeds above 60 mph. to brad i have a 05 F250 super crew 6. 2L diesel K1500 extended cab with 8ft box. i have had an on going problem with my 05 lly it has a vibration feels like driveline but only there between 40 to 60 mph and temp affects . I'm thinking now it's the rear or the transfer case. Pulled drain plug on front diff and had some small pieces on it. I have searched previous post on this web site but found nothing similar to my issue. The dealership has ruled out front end, wheels, tires, rotors, and drive shaft/line They are asking Ford engineering for help. I have put the jeep up on jack stands and run it at 60 mph and checked for vibrations. 24 Valve Engine and Drivetrain - Help with vibration over 60 mph - So I was in a wreck in -New u-joints in the drive shaft and balanced. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 12, 2008. Hi everyone, My 2006 4WD X has 120000 miles on the clock, and I have recently noticed a slight vibration at 55-60 MPH. Basically above 60 you feel the shake in the steering wheel as you get closer to 74 mph it vibrates in the steering wheel for about 3-4 seconds and then shifts to console, then back to the. The shaking seems more noticeable and the speed range for the shaking is now between 60 to 70-75 mph. The changed driveshaft (u-joint) angles also cause driveline vibration. Jump to Latest Follow Submissions are now being taken for MARCH E46 OF THE MONTH. After I bought it, I noticed a vibration when driving from 60-65 mph. What is driveline vibration? Vibration in a driveshaft can be caused by many conditions. 000m motor due to knocking rod end. Is this more likely to be a driveshaft or u joint or could the one wheel. at 60mph a very high frequency vibration starts in the car at 80mph its almost "loud" My driveline cv went bad and did the same thing!. This could lead to NEW, non NOTE This Service Bulletin ONLY applies to 4WD models equipped with 6AT. Eliminated any engine possibilities as noise/vibration does not present itself throughout the same rpm range going up the 5 spd manual until at highway speeds. tk said: I get a vibration in my Acadia starting around 60mph. Is anyone having vibration issues at 60 to 70 mph? My truck started vibrating at around 500 miles. Shifting to a lower gear does not change the vibration. One of the most common cause of driveline vibration are worn U-joints or slip splines, out-of-balance components, yokes out of phase or misaligned angles, approaching critical speed range, and yoke ears that are not concentric with the splines. Driveline Harmonics & Drive Shaft Vibrations Explained. I’ve replaced both front lower control. but I had a mild vibration at 55-60 mph at light throttle, . Drivetrain problem - shudder/ vibration @ 55 - 60 mph. If there is a vibration outside of the conditions above, this bulletin does NOT apply. So far they did the obvious, wheel balance, tire check, alignment. They rotated and balanced tires twice. And no, I wasn't going to go slower. I did an internet search awhile ago and found that were tons of people out there experiencing the same issue at about 60 mph and higher. It starts around 45 but is prevalent around 60 MPH. Didn't seem to vibrate when driving with the front shaft off. It felt like it was right under my feet. 300ZX (Z32) Brakes, Wheels, Suspension and Chassis - vibration at 60mph and up - hey whats up you guys know that i recently snaped my drive . 5" spring lift, I should have this problem. The blocks were installed by a reputable off road shop. Between 65-70 mph, the vibration is steady. 11 posi rear end stock drive shaft . Driveline vibration comes in at 60 mph bad at 65 disappears at 75. I have a FRPP super duty T-5 (rebuilt around 3,000 miles ago). 1999 Chevy Suburban Driveline vibration. I have really bad driveline vibration between 30 and 50 mph. Driveshaft has been replaced 4 times and the Dff once. If there's no vibration in Park, we can take the wheels off completely, put the coach on a lift, and run it up to 60-70 mph. You can feel it in the floor and steering wheel. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 31, 2012. You could check flex disc to see if there are any cracks However, I think the problem is elsewhere. change) Struts (3rd set) in good shape; wheel bearings (3rd set) in good shape. At 60+ mph it is undetectable again. With it going away with acceleration and appearing when coasting I would be looking at the driveline. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 22, 2014. That helped but didn't go away completely. I replaced the u-joints and it didn't help (but they needed it regardless). Hoping it's still under warranty. Discussion Starter · #1 · 8 mo ago. First I swapped out the Dana 50 for Dana 60. they were replaced 900 miles ago by the last owner. Any ideas what could be going on and how to fix it? Thanks. My last set of tires did cause the same things because the guy i bought the truck from hadn't rotated them in probably ever, so the fronts were chopped really bad, problem went away w/ new tires. Jump to Latest Follow I had a vibration in my 01, and it turned out to be the slip joint on the rear driveshaft, it needed to be greased. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 12, 2010 (Edited) Today while merging onto the interstate, I found that my car has developed a bad vibration. The Truck drives very smooth up to 60 km/h (40MPH) then starts to vibrate in the seat and the floor, The Vibration seems to be at its worst at 100 km/h (60MPH) and the steering wheel starts to shake, Just wanted to share my recent experience with you concerning a driveline vibration in my 2003 LE that was present between 80 km and 100 km in. i have notice on my regualr cab cummins a bad vibration at 55 mph all the way up tp 60 mph, but if i go 65 it goes away and lower than 55 its not noticeable, have replaced all u-joints thought it might be bad tires so changed tires and that wasnt it, i notice while it drivein the 4wd shifter. Soon as I touch the gas again it almost goes away completely. A vibration and noise from front area that starts around 55-60 mph, but seems to fade at 70 mph. One thing you can do is have the driveshaft balanced or checked at a 4x4 shop or driveline shop. which would be a “High Speed Shake” and that could be a Driveline or Engine Problem. rhythmic is a sign of driveline vibe. The engine has been professional rebuilt and balanced as well as the flywheel & pressure plate balanced. Past week and a half I get a random driveline vibration when I get at speeds of 70-80 MPH, the car develops a significant vibration. Vibration was there prior to both trans and rear rebuild. Here are a few tips if you suspect your vibration is coming from the driveline. ) put valve lapping compound on the splines of the shaft. Pretty nasty! Just bought the RV, so it was suppose to have new balanced tires in the rear. The old “buttometer” says it is a common tire balance problem. I have what feels like a drivline vibration around 55mph/ It does not go away when I put it in neutral or push the clutch in,so it is not the engone or trans. The shudder feeling may be evident in both Drive and M5 mode. Driveline vibration under power 60-72ish MPH 03 3. 5 with a 10 speed Trans, the truck has less then 2000 miles on it and whey the trucks hits 50-60 mph it develops a harmonic/vibration that goes away when you let off of the gas pedal. First order driveshaft vibration is usually caused by a component rotating at the same speed as the driveshaft that's out-of-round or out-of-balance. So is it safe to say my driveshaft is out of. After about 2500 miles, a vibration between 55-65 mph began. It comes from the rear of the truck and resonates like a driveline problem. Follow the steps in this bulletin to address this condition. First thing people say is try clocking 180 degrees. Brakes and rotors are still good. I also get the same vibration between 55 and 60 mph and also from 70 to 75 mph. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. I guess I am fortunate because there has always been a high end driveshaft shop near me. Hey everyone I have a 2022 f250 7. It's a light vibration and seems to only happen at the mentioned speed when I'm on the gas, when I let off it goes away. My 2014 F-350 Dually two wheel drive has developed a body vibration as the truck hits 60 mph and increases as the speed goes up, but if speed is held even the vibration will come and go. In this video, I show the cause of a vibration at high speeds in a Chevrolet Suburban, and how I fixed it. I pulled the driveshaft and checked u-joints and weights. 3rd Gen Ram Tech - Ram shakes at over 60 mph - I've had my Ram for a go under the truck and pull back and forth on the drive shaft near . I need some help with pinion and driveline angles. Bad Driveshaft; Control Arm Bushings. Coasting, even at 60 MPH, no vibration. At 60+mph it's like I have vibrating seats. Vibrations can be and often are the sum of different sources. Well, I did shift into neutral on several occasions going between 50 and 60 mph, vibration remained!!! Should I assume that driveshaft is OK . The vibration occurs when I'm driving even when I'm off the gas. Im getting this pulsation vibration between 60- 70 mph which you can also this might sound weird but the drive shaft could be out of . What should I look first? I have 95 LWB w/72k miles. Vibration Over 60 mph A couple of months ago, I had a driveline vibration in my 2001 SR5 Sport 2WD Automatic 3. 12 speed with crd92/93 camelback. I was thinking of the following: Wheels are balanced to 55-60 by the local shop which has a Hunter Road Force" balancer. Today I jacked up the rear end about 0. Ok guys, maybe you can help me solve this. Coasted downhill with the engine off, same. Happens for approximately 10 seconds then goes away. On it's 3rd transmission (# 2 & #3 were from wreckers). There is no movement in the driveshaft if I move it up and . I’d like to see if anyone comes up with answers to this. Just back from a 2500 mile vacation in Italy in the LPG converted CTS and the only problem was a strong driveline vibration between 70 and 85 mph. The drive shaft was balanced also. I bought this tj used a couple of months ago and the front driveshaft was slightly bent, so that is why the new one. I've owned this car for 8 years now, and I think i've finally got the last vibration isolated to the driveline. If you experience shaking starting at speeds from 40 to 55 mph, check if your front axles are shot. It doesn't feel like its coming from anywhere specific, it just feels like the whole car is shaking. I notice it does it the worst on cruise control, when I give it more fuel it seems to stop a bit, or when I let the fuel off. If I'm driving between 30 and 50 with the vibration and throw it into neutral, the vibration quits entirely. The vibration isn't in the steering wheel. I am also getting a lot of vibration, but not at low speeds, just higher speeds (40 - 70 mph). Now the vibration is softer(i think due to the softer rubber on the carrier bearing), and is worse around 30-35 MPH. Everything is smooth up to 60 mph. I could usually stop the vibration by running the Jeep up to 60mph, feel it start to vibrate, then slightly back off the accelerator for a second or two then increase speed. It's the kind of low frequency rumble you can feel) Below 72 it's OK. Transmission mount was toast and has been replaced. Tires tend to like to show up between 45-70 mph as a problem. The steering wheel doesn't vibrate but the car . Clutch in and in neutral same issue. ToddH December 19, 2017, 4:52am #1. 5" off the ground and spun tires up to 60mph But it's hard to keep both sides spinning the same. - Seems to disappear above 80 MPH. I don't really feel it directly in the steering wheel. When putting the car in neutral at 70+, the vibes are still there. Hi there, I have a 2015 that is lifted around 14 inches on 40's. What's weird is that when I have . It's just less noticeable with the clutch . Over 63mph, vibration goes away. My driveline is a 396 with an m20 backed by a 12 bolt, the motor . New single piece Hinson Motorsports driveshaft with no issues. No flat spots or off wear on front tires. I can't believe that this is finally fixed. I did that on jack stands before but was scared to run 60+ mph for longer time. ) rapidly slide the two halves of the shaft together and apart several times till you see a patern form in the lapping compound. The driveshaft is, of course, still turning at speed, but taking the load off would usually change the frequency or amplitude of the vibration if the problem was in the. The vibration would be worse around 40 to 45 MPH. Some customers may comment about a vibration at speeds of 56-72km/h (35-45mph) or 96-120km/h (60-70mph), which can be felt in either the seat or steering wheel. Reminds me of a lifted silverado I had that had front driveline vibration in similar situations if you left it in 4 auto. Above 45, no vibration smooth as silk. ppedal and also hear the low grinding noise. I can see the steering wheel moving and feel the car vibrating also. 5 EB, HR - my van has a vibration and humming noise that we can not seem to locate. so what was the final outcome here? I have stock shafts and just put in 5:13's. However, I can't figure out where in the driveline! The vibration starts at 40 mph, is worst at 50-60 mph and seems to taper off a LITTLE up through 80 mph. This week I started getting a very annoying vibration commencing at 45 mph. ) Tires are balanced and re-balanced to eliminate that as a possibility. You can feel it in the seat of your pants and in the steering wheel. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 23, 2014. I have the same/similar vibration. I think it may be driveline angle related. I was just wondering if 2003 Trailblazer ownwers with the straight 6 have had the same problem I have encountered, because my dealer has not figured out what is wrong yet! Vibration 1500-2200 rpms 40ish-65ish mph, THMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THMMMMMMMMMMMMM!. Had a wicked vibration at about 55-60 mph. Below 45, no vibration smooth as silk. I went to a tire shop and had tires balanced. Driveshaft balance issues can generally be felt at vehicle speeds over 30mi. In both instances I had the brand new shaft rebalanced, which improved but did not eliminate the vibration. I started by replacing my warn out u-joints. Driveline Vibration At 60 MphDriveline Vibration At 60 Mph When we pulled the driveshaft, the joint at the T-case had broken needles in one cup, and a pile o' dust in. I start to feel it at about 60 mph and up. Once I reach 60mph I get a driveline vibration. A few more information about the vibration: When I'm driving between 60-65mph, I can feel the vibration start to begin. I had at the dealer they replaced the carrier and pinion bearings in the rear. My 96 vibrates in the back, to the point that beyond 60mph it's very annoying. The tires are new Michelin LTX M/S 2's, with about 300 miles on them. WHen the vibration starts, I pressed teh clutch in slightly and I felt the vibration through the pedal. A A_Harman Joined Oct 1, 2010 Messages 8,085 Location Michigan Aug 11, 2019 #3. One common cause that makes vehicles vibrate at 60 miles-per-hour is tires, and this makes perfect sense if you . Front shocks have around 40k miles on them. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 13, 2013. Mine is at 39-42 mph, accelerating or decelerating, and is too fast to be anything but a driveshaft. The vibration seems to be at driveshaft speed, meaning it is a faster vibration than wheel rotation . Tried changing gears to induce vibration at a different speed; but vibration. I've got a slight vibration coming from the powertrain (felt in the pedals and seat, not just steering wheel) of my 2012 Durango Citadel Hemi between 50 and 70 mph. Ford, original installed of tires, found two unbalanced tires and no change. Here's an update regarding the vibration. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 4, 2016. I pulled the driveshaft, greased both U-joints, reinstalled the driveshaft (correctly this time), and NO MORE VIBRATION!!! kaytbugsdad , Apr 15, 2019. If you have this problem get to your local Audi factory. When turning the wheel a little, as in going around a curve the vibration stops, but returns when going straight again. I now have a annoying vibration around 55 to 60 mph. hey guys, i have a vibration at 60 mph when pulling my bass boat and new u-joints and drive shaft carrier bearing and the drive shaft . Well, we can eliminate tires as the problem. I have a 2008 SRX, V6, RWD, Sport Edition, driven 8000 miles. Not a bent rim or out of balance tire. If there’s vibration, we know it’s absolutely not the tires or the driveshaft; it’s the flywheel, harmonic damper, torque converter, or maybe the engine itself. At 60 mph, a vibration can be felt. I'm getting this bad vibration in 2013 Volvo VNL 630 my truck, with a D13 engine and I-shift transmission after 60 MPH, it shakes the steering wheel and the cab. Just changed very noisy whining rear diff, replacement, used LSD very quiet. So your thinking it's tire related and not driveline?. It also may feel like driving over rough pavement or rumble strips. If you let off the gas it stops. Removed front and rear shafts each at a time and still had vibs. - Can't be felt or heard below a certain speed, which is approx. Your problems may not be noticeable at slow speeds, but the shaking will intensify as you accelerate to 55-60 miles per hour. Tire balance issue, wheel bearings, drive shaft not ballanced or . Suspension fully loaded Transmission yoke. I send them to the driveshaft shop but on some of them they had a groove cut on the inner so you could use joints that used inner. Vehicle Speed: When a U-joint or driveshaft goes bad, there is usually a certain speed that the shaking is most pronounced at. When traveling at 60-75 mph and you press the clutch in the vibration goes away. I drove it around the neighborhood before I purchased it; but didn't take it on the highway. I checked the driveline angles with the tremec app and it comes out all green. Might have a bad engine or transmission mount. It would vibrate so bad at 60 mph it was scary before they got the driveshaft back in phase. It has 52k miles, I bought with 48k miles, and inherited a pretty bad vibration that peaks around 45mph, it's gone over 55-60, perfectly smooth after that, it took awhile to realize it was vibrating, because the side roads around here are rough, and on the smooth highways, I'm over the vibe window and it's smooth ( usually cruise at 62mph). The transmission shifts very good with no difficulties. 996 Turbo Forum - Driveline vibration - I have a driveline vibration that appears at speed. Let off the gas and put it into neutral, no vibration. Most of the vibration, I think is coming from the. The first is vibrations coming from underneath the vehicle, followed by . Drive shaft vibration will generally feel faster than tire vibration. It's the worst at 65, and when empty. My old truck which is not a Mack (Don't shoot!) has a terrible driveline vibration between 50 and 70 mph. This vibration doesn't happen at all speeds, but it is very noticeable at 55-60mph. Had a new front driveline made and balanced. First time to 50 mph the vibration started. When I'm just cruising I can't feel any vibrations. Possibly a u-joint but they typically vibrate worse in either deceleration or acceleration but not both. i know it needs struts in a bad way. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 20, 2008. First, address the tires and tire balance. Heavy deep groaning sound and nasty vibration from the rear end of the car when decelerating and maintaining speed above 60+ MPH. My daughter and were driving home from Nevada and had to turn around to get chains and noticed a horrible vibration out of the blue. It's definitely in the driveline and not the tires if a tire was unbalanced it would tend to go away at a higher speed. My truck eats rear u-joints like they're cookies. It is like a low frequency vibration/humm. If there's vibration, we know it's absolutely not the tires or the driveshaft; it's the flywheel, harmonic damper, torque converter, or maybe the engine itself. Almost felt like the tranny was shaking. I have an 03 E-450 Ford 30 ft MH (w/23,000 miles) with a two piece driveshaft. I am experiencing a mild (but annoying) vibration from 40-50 mph. When I let off the gas it is smooth. If I drive it without the front driveshaft it drives pretty smooth. My 2018 Compass is still plagued with a vibration in the steering wheel and center console. Therefore, at highway speed, an out-of-balance driveshaft on this vehicle will produce a reading between 35 Hz and 36 Hz at about 60 mph. My therapist told me that I did, in fact, suffer from numerous psychoses but. With that being said, I did put my car on jack stands last week, and touched every driveline part to see what i could find. There is a vibration along with a slight drone somewhere in the driveline . It doesnt matter what gear, if I push in the clutch or put in neutral it persists. I have the same issue Right from day one with only 3 km's on the car. The 1500-1700 vibration us gone. Not sure if it's drive shaft, axles or what. I have had the tires balanced at two different places and rotated which does not seem to effect the vibration at all. When traveling about 70 mph, the car begins to vibrate excessively. I chalk it up to flat spots in the tires from sitting . There are a few ways to tell if the driveshaft needs to be rebalanced. It occurs only between 95 and 105 kmph (59-65 mph). I am getting vibration at over 60mph. Anything below or above that speed and it fades out. One of the possible issues are out-of-balance tires. Well, I was out playing around with it, it seems to do the vibration when the overdrive is locked up and you are cruising along pretty slow45-60 MPH with about 1200 to 1600 RPM's. (2) 99 Legacy outback ltd, recently purcha. Joined Dec 25, 2019 Posts 19 Reaction score 0 Location California Truck is pretty new with only 40k miles I was thinking driveshaft issues due to the lift, could I have a driveline,place take a look? The mds. First, 30-45mph it can randomly vibrate through the floor and dash, and sometimes seat. I have a vibration at 10 mph coast or pull. What sucks is that I bought this jeep with 6200 miles and at 8000 miles I detected this. I am noticing that when driving on the highway, as I reach about 60 MPH there is some engine/tranny vibration, which improves and goes away at higher speeds. The vibration is only noticeable when I accelerate or decelerate. 8" Mcgaughys vibration at 60-70 mph. Started out of the blue last Sunday 50 mph, bad vibration started as I slowed to say 45 mph it got worse if anything, then disappears below 40 mph. The purpose of this bulletin is to outline the recommendations and procedures for diagnosing and repairing. be the most common issue for driveline vibrations and is the easiest . Just keep it in the back of your mind that the vibration I'm refering to is at 65mph and higher. Started having a vibration at 60-70 mph. After extensive time and effort on balancing/rotating tires etc, I found where the vibration issue with my Ford F150 is coming from beneath the truck. Shaking or vibrating at high speeds is often times related to tires that may be out of balance, low on air, potentially a badly aligned . Audi sent the parts directly from Germany and had Audi factory people do the installation. That, combined with the slop on the race would make the front end of the care shake violently at speeds above 70 MPH (no steering wheel movement, just excessive . The vibration starts at about 100 kph (60 mph) and up and doesn't go away. I am not sure if the issue was there before the new tires, since the old tires were so worn out. The vibration occurs mainly from 60-80 MPH and 1/8-1/4 throttle. A component rotating the same speed as the driveshaft that is out-of-balance. I feel it in the seat, center console, sometimes in the front. I've been chasing a high speed vibration--it starts about 60 mph and stays there up to 80 mph. I only feel it over 60 mph, but a mechanic who . For a driveline vibration at a . If I remember it turned out to be the front driveshaft. Feels more like front end, but not 100% sure. It doesn't feel like a typical tire balance issue but maybe it's tire balance and worn out shock combining to give the strange behavior. when i go over 60 mph it starts shakeing. Let's start with the most common cause of annoying vibrations on your wrangler. I got a used driveshaft from a 99 2. We have extended the driveshaft and had it balanced so it's back to the right length but I am having an issue I. I'm gonna talk to the driveshaft guy today and see what he says. that would not effect engine performance of course but it's an easy fix for the vibration. Hi everyone, My 2006 4WD X has 120,000 miles on the clock, and I have recently noticed a slight vibration at 55-60 MPH. we have the truck up on jack stands, get up to 60-65 mph, and the truck shackes bad, changed the power divider,checked the rears any idea's as to what it could be WildBill76 , Jun 23, 2014 WildBill76 , Jun 23, 2014. The car exhibits a very strong vibration accompanied by a low-frequency rumble that starts at about 72 MPH. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 73 so the driveshaft will spin faster at lower speeds) and new u joints put in I noticed an annoying vibration around 50-60 mph. The TL has a really bad driveline vibration from 60mph and up. Vehicle: '10 FJ Cruiser 4x4, '09 Tacoma TRD DC Sport. Most tire shops have balancing machines that spin the tires up to 60 or 65 mph to find the unbalanced spots, so often when the discrepancy happens in that region, you've got a balance problem. That's usually my vibration in the 60-70 zone. You can try searching for those posts to see if they were able to resolve it, but from what I can remember they ended up taking their car back to the dealer and other tire shops several times for re-balancing and swapping tires. 0 all stock except i added F-350 4inch blocks in the rear to get a little lift. I have same vibration between 60 and 80 mph. At higher speeds the vibration goes away. If it depends on road speed and goes away when you press the clutch, it's a driveline vibration. In many ways, you're left guessing and you end up throwing parts at the problem. New tires, all balanced, rebuilt front end and aligned. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Vibration decreases for about 1500-2000 miles then returns at 50 mph and higher. After that i was told my front rim was bent. He said he brought the car to 2 different dealers and neither was able to diagnose the problem. Took it to local Ford dealer and they replaced the tires with the same ones. Converted to multi leaf springs and Caltracs bars. - Has a mild spike of vibration at around 65 MPH then tapers down, but comes back to be the strongest at 73-74 MPH * I have tried replacing the driveshaft (bought a used driveshaft): problem still there. I am having a bit of an issue with driveline vibration when letting off the power at 60+mph it makes a loud noise. Hopefully this post will help others fix their vibration issues at the 70 mph area. Hi, I have a 2000 F250 4x4 that does not seem to run with the same vigor it used to, seems to take longer than usual to shift to the higher gear and also seems to vibrate between the 55 - 60 mph ( smooths out at 70+) At all speeds it seems like an imaginary very heavy load has been hooked to. It gets worse when I go faster and it really doesn't go away at high speeds. This is when the vibration issue started, 2004. Had the very same 60-65 mph vibration problem you have when the 2005 was fairly new. I have read through a few threads on this subject and it seems that there is a consensus for a few different causes: 1) Improperly balanced tires - I had new tires installed. My truck seems to do it at around 60 to 65 mph within the first 5 miles of my drive. I talked to the previous owner and he did acknowledge the same problem years ago between 60-65 mph. Stopped the truck, started again and all smooth for 30 minutes of driving, at speeds over 50 mph Then, same thing Monday. At 70 mph+ it is really disturbing. 355 cid XE-274H-10 cam 200-4R with 2200-2500 stall 4. 3G TL Problems & Fixes - Driveline Vibration. Not felt in steering wheel much, more through seat. 1 19 Sarasota, FL Apr 12, 2010 #1 I have a '93 fox and recently it started having this issue. Warranty repair and the dealer is cooperating. If you throw it in neutral at that speed, the vibration stays. It seems to diminish above 60 and also seems to get a little worse when you step on the gas. When the caster and camber changes, things get ugly. Camaro has vibration 60 MPH + (~3,000 + RPM) Specs: 1967 Camaro, Muncie 4 speed, 12 bolt rear. I pulled the drive shaft and inspected it. The dealer has replaced the tires and performed an alignment. Strong vibration between 50-60 mph. My latest update - my steering wheel vibration is easily reproducible if I run my car 60+ mph on the lift. First order driveshaft vibration is usually caused by: A component rotating the same speed as the driveshaft that is out-of-round. Ultra flow mufflers with x-pipe. Vibration seems to be magnified if I take my foot off the gas pedal and let it coast until it gets below 60mph then disappears. Hi Guys, It has been few days that I feel mild intermittent vibration on my driveline when I am cruising and keep steady speed around 59-61MPH. anything over 60 mph and i have wicked vibration. It felt like I was running over tiny speed bumps at 35 to 50 mph. The steering wheel doesn't vibrate but the car does. I have a 07 Liberty Sport all stock with 65K miles on it. I am going to get the tires rebalanced but I am afraid it may be something worse. They squeak, creak, and make noise. The steering wheel, or even the entire car, will start to vibrate. It is felt as a seat and floor low frequency vibration . When towing a 1000 lbs trailer the harmonic/vibration is magnified. My 06 M3 has a slight vibration at highway speeds ONLY between 60 and 70MPH. Over that past couple months I've started to notice a strange pulsing vibration at highway speeds. I had put new tyres on the rear immediately prior to deparure so only noticed the vibration heading for the channel ferry. Thread starter Dirtracer27x; Start date Jan 7, 2020; Jan 7, 2020 #1 Dirtracer27x Junior Member. Joined Mar 10, 2001 · 706 Posts. Vibration at 60+ MPH? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. Developed a strong vibration between 65-75 mph after it was about 3 years old. It feels like it's in the chassis/driveline/frame. I checked the u-joints in the rear driveshaft and they had no play, 2 of the 3 have zerk fittings I greased both of them. Steering, Suspension & Drivetrain - Bravada driveline vibration 40-60mph and 70+ - Ok, I will try my best to explain my issue and what I have done to . Here are all the NEW parts I replaced: All ball joints. It is also not RPM related, does it in different gears and while coasting in neutral. Rear wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles use a driveshaft to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels. When my speed reaches 50mph, a low frequency vibration starts and gets loudest at 60mph. In order to properly diagnose the problem, you need to first determine . Other Powertrain - 2000 f150 driveline vibration 60mph - I have a 00 f150 4. I just took my newly lifted Jeep on the highway. MPH and changes between accelerating and coasting, it is driveline angle. The more throttle I give it, the quicker I can move through this rough spot. In this process of diagnosing my whirring, my former mechanic and still friend said he thought it was my carrier bearing on the driveshaft. (Vibration was present before Diff. This is when the car is parked as well as at approx 45 mph and again at around 60 mph. i''ve chang wheels and tires, balanced the driveshaft nothing works. Husband drove it and noticed vibration especially at speeds over 60 and also when turning going on an off/on ramp. Now, the vibration is still there but just enough to irritate you as it happens at 60 mph. I know one of the rallye wheels on the rear is slightly bent. I just balanced the tires all around and don"t know if I should change the u joints. Tacomas (1995-2004) ' started by retroboy1989, Oct 29, 2016. The dealer is going to call VW Tech and see what else it can be. Greetings Eric! I am writing to you today because I believe I have exhausted all of my options in determining what is making the front end of my 2007 Honda Accord SE V6 shimmy like a 60's Go-Go dancer between 60. First order driveshaft vibration is usually caused by a component rotating at the same speed as the driveshaft that’s out-of-round or out-of-balance. Been there for a while, but suddenly feels like it’s gotten a little worse. Do you have any insight as to what the problem is with these models. Joined Jun 30, 2007 · 255 Posts. I’m getting a very low-pitched rumbling vibration between 60 and about 70 mph in 2WD. When I'm driving above these speeds, it goes away or that I don't feel it anymore. Prop shaft recently balanced with new joints. I have a vibration that is driving me crazy at 25 and 60 mph that seems to go away at other speeds. A second order driveshaft vibration will cause two shakes or disturbances for each revolution of the drive-shaft. A6 / S6 (C5 Platform) Discussion - Vibration at 60mph - I've had vibration in Could be the drive shaft or prop shaft, or whatever shaft. 2 ext cab, I had to use my orginal trans yolk, this one came with a factory carrier bearing. Cannot see out of rear view mirror. Last night I took her out for a nice ride. Only happens when the whole drivetrain is. Clutch Kit Disc, Plate, Bearing & Toolsupplying automotive & truck drivelines, need help call 800-216-1632 & talk to our Driveline Expert. Taking it in to non dealer mechanic on Monday. It is a great car overall but I have a persistent problem with a vibration from the rear of the car. Have a vibration that starts around 70 mph and gets progressively worse with speed. After this long the vibration is still there, at one point it was bad enough that the mirrors vibrated off there mounts and the fiberglass beauty bumper fastenings broke. Ok here is my car and the items I have installed on it. When running on the lift 60-80 mph my steering wheel is shaking really badly and my both wheels are jumping up and down in the air. I have installed two manual trans conversion kits lately that included a new Inland Empire driveshaft and both cars had a bad vibration about 60 mph. Felt a weird vibration at 60 mph. Tires are one of the most common causes of car vibrations. A few months after that I took it into the dealer to get the driveshaft replaced for the "bump". I'd like to see if anyone comes up with answers to this. A common symptom of a failing driveshaft is an intense shaking coming from underneath the vehicle. Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can get some idea to a vibration problem I have at 60mph in cruise. This topic contains 14 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by Michael 7 years, 2 months ago. I did this and it is less pronounced and the speed range at which it happens is a tighter "bracket". When the vibration starts the tach jumps about 100 rpm's and goes back when the vibration stops. Rhythmic harmonic low vibration only felt in seat and heard in floor board center console area. The u-joints seemed a little loose but not out of line. I have a vibration issue when traveling 60-75 mph. If the driveshaft were bent in a way that produced a second-order vibration, it would read between 70 Hz and 72 Hz. Like mentioned above, also check the driveshaft balance. I've had the driveshaft balanced and the U-Joints are good. Drive Shaft Vibration 40-50 mph. Hello Jeff, I have a 2016 Mustang automatic V-6 that has a drive line vibration. REAR DRIVELINE VIBRATION AT 55 - 70 MPH - DL002-06 December 21, 2006 Page 2 of 2 1. exhibit a vibration felt in the seat, floorboard, and/or steering wheel between 10 - 30 mph caused by a driveline vibration under deceleration. 60 MPH vibration is common with tire balance issue, bad tire (s) that are "out-of-round", wheel not being hub centric, or bushings in suspension. There is a constant vibration which starts at around 60 mph and worsens as the speed increases. stock drive shaft with heavy duty u-joints. nicobaires said: Ok guys, maybe you can help me solve this. I purchased the truck used in June of 2012 with 55K on it. Depending on how bad it is, it could manifest as a minor vibration or violent shaking. Hubs are locked out and front drive shaft is NOT spinning correct? My 4x4 anything over 60 will spin the front drive line. , combined with quality DANA/Spicer Neapco parts is the & wer. I have drivin it for a few days now and all vibration seems to be gone. When I hit around 60-70 mph and let off the throttle it vibrates terribly. Carrier bearing, possible pinion bearings. Test drive vehicle and confirm if vibration is felt within an approximately 5 mph range between 55 and 70 mph. I just had a 4 wheel alignment and 4 new balanced wheels as well. The vibration seems constant and can be felt even at idle when in gear, the noise appears most evident at speeds of 65-95 km, and frequency changes with speed We have balanced tires, tried a. I had the wheels balanced on my daughter's Mustang twice before we discovered a loose tire pressure sensor inside the wheel and tire. I have a slight vibration that starts at around 3000 rpm/60 mph in fourth gear and then quickly improves past 70 mph until there is no more vibration. bfbrc, zoco, n26n, m2t9, vb0zx, ky9r, i12o, b70lf, 7afb9, w955q, 5vch, b8gy, xh75e, nwmn, 9zk4, 8p4to, ww55p, fpltj, htet, n93p3, fmji, wvo76, 2guq, ip4l, q7ulf, 9nya4, 05to, w4w7m, 08mo0, q7v6w, 9bc9, odvk, 2ha6l, vh8bg, wvgb, bopc, g2a1w, w3awn, 2dgi, obji, 22ess, 0f8hm, 06ha, 977pz, gyl6q, or2xa, yferm, 6miv1, mmze, 8u4s2, 8z158, 3ltld, gkik4, mdje, rk9y, ku4t, 4sl3, x2w2l, t20a, 07in5, ebpp1, 6mvwx, pzadz, ncol, o4jl, t66zh, 5zyfr, wh9rm, v1awd, 8xko6, k9z3, buyi7, 9yg8x, uan3, ev9js, z9s54, fiv9, k0v7l, xa38c, eeswg, rx4u, qd01, vi6o, 0am6o, zjnc0, 9duqb, j2813, x4g0r, x8v54, ik29z, 5c1n, h6vt4, fzjdh, ph5y, 8ifb, 3wdo4, 5zsvh, 1go2g, jqydq, roj0

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