mms for skin fungus. In an article titled ‘MMS Skin Care Methods’ Jim Humble writes: “Unfortunately I was not able to complete the research on MMS before I wrote the first. My former doctor recommended MMS years ago My fungus nightmare is over and my prety toenail dreams are coming true Nail infection - Nothing worked Pretty bad nail fungus Really miracle Sarcoid, Brain Fog, Reflux, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Candida, and fungal/parasite Rash All are GONE!. Each method and dosage is given a different "Protocol" number by Jim Humble. Foot Fungus On Tv Show Dmso And Mms Toe Fungus. Wait 3 min then add to water of non-Vit C juice and drink. MMS, or miracle mineral solution, has been used for other skin issues as well, like rashes and acne. For nail fungus, use DMSO as a carrier to help the treatment being used to penetrate the nail. On my left foot I applied one drop of the unactivated 28% sodium chlorite solution and the fungus also disappeared. “Curing Toenail Fungus With Mms” Over The Counter Cream To Get Rid Of Staph Infection Skin Fungus Best Prescription For Mild Toe Nail Fungus Fungus On Skin Brown Clear Suck Blood. "Curing Toenail Fungus With Mms" Over The Counter Cream To Get Rid Of Staph Infection Skin Fungus Best Prescription For Mild Toe Nail Fungus Fungus On Skin Brown Clear Suck Blood. MMS or Master Mineral Solution (formerly known as Miracle Mineral Supplement) was invented by Jim Humble and has been used successfully to kill microbes and pathogens within the body, namely in the treatment of Malaria. I was disappointed with the results of your. Chlorine dioxide is a molecule which is being suggested for use against infections and cancer which are associated with microbes. While MMS is the most potent germicidal agent on the planet, only your own immune system produces healing and maintenance of health. Plan for a 20 to 30 minute minute tub sitting. DMSO can be applied directly to your skin with clean hands. There are many articles on this and other websites on the use of MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement, activated sodium chlorite and/or chlorine dioxide. Advertisement By: Jane McGrath It's not everyone's favorite subject -- and understandably so. It is commonly used to disinfect drinking water. Like every other disease, fungal infections can be transmitted from one person to another. When you use liquid DMSO in the skin, let it dry for over 20 to 30 minutes before wiping the rest out. Master Mineral Solution, MMS or WPS Solution - Why has this Product Become so Popular? Chlorine dioxide is a powerful anti microbial compound that has a long history of use - mostly known for its ability to sanitize drinking water (the last 60 years being the primary chemical used in municipal water supplies). Good thing MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) was introduced. We us it as part of our 16-in-1 anti-itch cream and rosacea cream because it speeds healing and soothes irritated skin. A majority of patients had a predisposing. Learn about dermatitis and how you can treat it. Always Keep Your Feet And Shoes Clean And Dry. I remember that Jim Humble said to activate and add the 1/2 cup distilled water, then apply the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to jock itch with your finger. 10 List of diseases with MMS successes Weiter lesen ». It destroys almost every kind of skin disorder known, and causes burns, and wounds of all kinds to heal often in less that 1/2 the ordinary time . As is the case with other skin conditions, keeping the loafing and sleeping areas clean and dry will help reduce the occurrence of this organism. After adding the water, add 5 drops of 90-99% DMSO and again swirl around. Laser Therapy Toe Fungus Los Angeles Terconazole Cream For Toe Fungus. In so doing it allows the immune system to get to work and do the healing which is how God intended us to get well originally. In this case follow the instructions for the Mold/Fungus External Procedure on page 106. If it is you can leave it on for 30 to 60 seconds and then wash it off, this gives it plenty of time to work. The use of activated MMS when further diluted in water on the skin could be beneficial in many cases. A good starting place is to start with 2 ml of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , add to that 10 ml of water and mix. I am also following the1000 protocol. On Tuesday, I was browsing the net and came upon the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) founded/discovered by Jim Humble. Chlorine Dioxide is also called MMS throughout this website. MMS can be applied straight of diluted to skin, eruptions, cancer, age spots, keratotic lesions, etc. Products are formulated as liquids, gels, pastes and soaps. MMS (1 ) MMS Dosage (1 ) MMS Instructions ; MMS Side Effects ; MMS vs. A systematic review of PubMed and EMBASE was conducted to identify all cases of fungal skin lesions treated with MMS. In small amounts, it is harmless to the body. Mix the solution around so that it’s well combined. And, it’s been shown to pretty darn effective for treating tinea versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin. If using liquid DMSO, you can also use a spray top. A sick person will also benefit from taking a good series of worm pills 2 to 3 times a year. Thus, if the area you plan to treat is very small, you'll only need to make a small amount of this mixture. During dry weather, the organism may survive in soil or on goat hair. DMSO is a prescription medicine and dietary supplement. Concentrated solution would burn skin like hell and rash / bumps did get smaller. The skin lesions resolved with slight . ★★★ Mms And Skin Fungus Should You Use Apple Vinegar Or Regular Vinegar For Toe Nail Fungus Toe Nail Fungus Pain Cornmeal Mush Toenail Fungus Whow Is The Toe Nail Fungus Called. Kerasal Toenail Fungus Cream Nail Fungus Treatment Home Remedies For Nail Fungus That Actually Work How Long Does Tea Tree Oil Take To Cure Toe Fungus. MMS is an oxidizer, and as such, that's what you're using it for - more to kill bugs than to "clean" - I would use the skin spray 10 drops activated with 1 oz water, to spray on the counters, etc. Making activated MMS skin spray Use a dark spray glass bottle size 50 ml (Most drug stores sell empty spray bottles) Put 10 drops of MMS directly in the bottle Add 10 drops of 50% citric acid solution and swirl to mix Fill the bottle with water (* distilled, purified and filtered ) keep in a dark place. MMS is a water purifier and it kills bacterial, fungus, microorganisms, marlaria, Lyme disease, etc. Skin fungus Psoriasis Skin boils and eruptions Eczema We’ve outlined the steps in the Patch Protocol below (you’ll need cotton gauze pads to do this): Activate 10 drops of MMS1 solution (10 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution + 10 drops of an acid) in a dry glass container. Yesterday I began taking MMS which is commonly known as “Master Mineral Supplement” or “ Miracle Mineral Solution. For skin and nail infections, you can apply medicine directly to the infected area. Fungal Infection Symptoms: The skin fungus causes white patches to appear all . In the lab, Nail-It deactivates these organisms within one minute, including T. To activate, add 12 ml of 10% citric acid , mix, and let the activation continue for 5 minutes. MMS 1000 Protocol Day 1 – Miracle Mineral Solution. a teaspoon of DMSO 70% only if any possible detoxification reaction is well tolerated. The oral drugs currently available in Australia for the treatment of cutaneous fungal infections include griseofulvin, ketoconazole, fluconazole, itraconazole and terbinafine. 3 Candida is a type of yeast that naturally lives in your body. MMS CANCER PATIENT TESTIMONIALS. Yeast, also known as Candida albicans, is a type of fungus that is present in all humans. Use MMS for healing sores, burns, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, cancer, ringworm, acne, rashes, staph infections, athletes feet, and a hundred other problems of the skin. I then remembered that my boyfriend had helped a guy out on a project about a year ago – and as a “thank you” sent a bottle of MMS. Although many types of fungi live harmlessly on our skin, . This fungus can occur in the the feet, or hands, or most any other place in the body. Fortunately for your skin, MSM can be applied as little or as much as you want – always with remarkable results. Ringworm treatment and medicine of ringworm infection depends on the type of fungal infection on your skin. Ureic Acid Cream For Toenail Fungus Cvs Toe Fungus Contentshide 1Nail Fungus Laser Review 2Burning Pain In Toenail Fungus. Mix each drop MMS with 5 drops citric acid solution, swirl in large glass with dropper. When you catch this infection, you’ll notice rashes of circular shape. MMS simply kills mold & fungus which cancer and other nasties grow on, kills pathogens and free radicals as well as bacteria and viruses. The cancer fungus [caused by prolonged psycho-emotional stress] is almost universally recognised as the leading cause of. Wash the skin with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Although many types of fungi live harmlessly on our skin, some can cause infections. It works amazingly well for rashes, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and more. We humans wear a "warm blooded body" and the body is host to many, many common intestinal worms: pin worms, hook worms, tape worms,round worms, just to. Skin Fungus That Glows Under Blacklight Vicks Vapo Rub And Toe Fungus. When you spray the MMS1 solution on a fungus or put it in your mouth (if you have a fungus present in your mouth) and it burns, this is indicative that the MMS will not be effective for the treatment of this particular fungus. The next sign the ringworm infection is healing is the appearance of flaky skin. If the solution does not burn when applied, then it will likely be an effective treatment. skin will maintain your vitamin D3 - or, if you rarely see the sun, you must maintain "D" with supplements, essential for maintaining the immune system. Getting infected with a skin fungus may be unsightly or embarrassing, but it's actually quite common. This infection is caused by a type of fungus. In the case of viral or bacterial diseases on the skin, use the MMS1 or the MMS2 spray bottle, (see page 76 in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook). D, DMSO was 100 percent effective in eliminating the unpleasant fungus in 42 separate cases. MMS (Master Mineral Solution) has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. AT&T is reportedly already deploying MMS to iPhone users who update their phone's software. It has been sold under the pseudonyms 'Miracle Mineral Supplement', 'Master Mineral Solution' and . It is not athlete's feet, it is much worse. Nail-It Fungus Remover is the only medication that kills, in vitro, all germs infecting the nail --- fungus, yeast, bacteria, and dermatophytes. Cleansing at these outer levels seems to avoid overloading the internal elimination systems. I know she is not part of the study, but I'd be glad to put together a Word Doc for your records. The fungus is found on both the skin and mucus membranes. However, some fungal infections like cutaneous candidiasis are caused by an overgrowth of the fungus in the body. Add 20 drops of clean, purified water. By Ian Paul PCWorld | Today's Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld's Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect's Editors Some lucky iPh. Experience shows that it is definitely beneficial to eliminate the higher bacterial and fungal forms of this microbial overgrowth and MMS is an effective part of an integrated antimicrobial therapy. Pathogens killed near the skin surface more-often move outward through the skin and float away. Master Mineral Solution Testimonials: Disinfectant Success stories. Remember, DMSO is a solvent that can. The skin must be clean, dry, and unbroken for any topical use of DMSO. My wife's story is a success story. The MMS sat in our fridge since receiving it. MMS WILL FIND heavy metals, germs, yeast, fungus, and parasites and it is killing them - slowly - and your body is keeping up with the elimination of the garbage remains. ★★★ Dmso And Mms Toe Fungus 7 Iodine Toenail Fungus Infrared Treatment Nail Fungus Skintyte Lamisil Spray Toenail Fungus Quick Natural Way To Kill Toenail Fungus. For example, combining oral antifungals and topical antifungals to treat a skin infection. However, when the growth of yeast increases dramatically, the results can be absolutely. A fungus overgrowth may case a range of health complaints. We evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of teleconsultations for skin diseases common in the army using a smartphone multimedia messaging service (MMS). ABCD's of Skin Cancer · Acne · Actinic Keratosis · Allergic Contact Dermatitis · Athlete's Foot · Atypical Nevus · Basal Cell Carcinoma · Bullous Disease · Common Skin . However, somewhere in this MMS board you will find that ingesting MMS cured someone's nail fungus. Thoroughly mix equal parts of coconut/olive oil and the Bentonite clay. If you prefer not to use your hands, you can use a cotton ball to apply it to the desired area. Kill Foot Fungus With Vicks Rub Sanitizing Surfaces Nail Fungus Alcohol Contentshide 1Dmso And Mms Toe Fungus Toenail Fall Off From Fungus Will It Grow Back 2Best Toenail Fungus Polish. The fungus is in your blood stream and has to be killed there, and toenail fungus is tough to beat. MMS – DMSO – Used together in the 24-hour Cancer Cure protocol where the Miracle Mineral solution is activated, diluted, mixed with DMSO, and rub it on the skin every hour for 13 hours. Protocol 4000 involves the use of a second type of MMS called "MMS 2". 10 List of diseases with MMS successes back Table of contents read more This is an incomplete list of reported successful internal and external healing treatments with MMS, CDS, CDSplus, chlorine dioxide and DMSO. Use MMS for healing sores, burns, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, cancer,. Do not use hand or body lotions unless instructed by your physician. About Protocol Mms Fungus Mold. The most amazing ingredient of MMS can kill even the strongest pathogens in the body thus won’t harm our system at all. The cutaneous mycoses are superficial fungal infections of the skin, hair or nails. See the most prevalent types of skin fungus. · The diagnosis is based on appearance and skin scrapings. When used in very small quantities to disinfect water, it is safe and does not . Eight case reports were identified consisting of a total of 8 patients. A majority of patients had a predisposing comorbidity (75%), with the most common being a solid organ transplant (n = 3, 37. The original MMS (and now distinguished as "MMS 1") is made using SODIUM CHLORITE crystals, while MMS 2 is made with CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE crystals (taken dry in a gel capsule as described below and. It is a fungus, not a worm, and appears during prolonged periods of wet weather. Rosenblatt Original Assignee Cdg Research Corporation Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. 15 minutes prior to getting into the water I apply using a fine brush DMSO all over both ears, total face + lips and neck area and submerge in the water for 30 min. A similar test was done spraying the skin with 'chlorine' instead of the activated MMS, which is a 'chlorine dioxide solution'. Its distributors instruct its clients to mix it with an acid, such as lemon juice. The problem with the MMS is that it should be taken 8 times each day, but he would take it only 1-5 times. MMS Bath Drops is a natural bath disinfectant for the body. Ringworm or tinea which is the most common type o. Continue applying your anti-fungal ointment as prescribed. There are over 60 videos here of people's experience using MMS to fight many different diseases from HIV, Cancer, Diabete's, Autism, Bites, Covid-19. He also takes B vitamins, coconut oil, curcumin,hemp oil for omega 3,6,9, magnesium. The symptoms are often transmitted sexually or otherwise. The unhealthy skin usually scabs and falls off in a week. For example, a fungal infection on . Anytime the MMS spray stings or burns your skin go to the Mold/Fungus Protocol and check the section on the mold/fungus external procedure (see page 106). A skin rash, raised bumps also appeared. MMS in the AM, along with topically some health food store natural fungal cream, just to protect the skin from lingering nasties. Maybe someone else has a different experience. 'Miracle Mineral Solution' is a 28% sodium chlorite solution. It works for fungus of the skin as well (ie. Search: Mms Protocol For Herpes. After working with thousands of patients in my clinic, I’ve seen time and again that relentless skin issues —including toenail fungus, eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, hives, athlete’s foot and ringworm—are most often caused by Candida overgrowth. Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes, then you can wipe off any excess. 25-year-old male with a star-shape eczema on the neck after a henna tattoo five days ago. At some point I would make a very concentrated MMS + DMSO solution and would spray it on the skin and I would make a huge q-tip by using a stick and gauze pads to reach areas on my back. It can occur on the skin, and it seems to be much worse than any other skin infection. Objective: To review the benefits, limitations, and practicality of MMS in patients with DCFIs. Many skins may be treated including babies skin. fungus Prior art date 2005-02-14 Application number PCT/US2006/005024 Other languages French (fr) Other versions WO2006088790A3 (en Inventor Aaron A. Antibiotics ; Mono (1 ) MRSA ; Multiple Cures (12 ) Nail Fungus (1 ) Nail Fungus, Severe Pain (1 ) Osteoporosis ; Pets (1 ) Ratios ; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ; Scalp Infection (1 ) Severe Heath Conditions (1 ) Sinus Infections (5 ) Skin Cancer ; Spider Bites (1 ) Sugar. · Typically, people have scaly patches of skin. On my own I figured that it is a way the body runs detox and is trying to push some toxins out through the skin but it gets stuck and irritates the nerves in the skin. Bathing in MMS water enables cleansing of pathogens that are on the skin surface or just under it. MMS-Heilerfolge bei Krebs Arthritis Lyme and Cancer US Skin Cancer Melanoma US Throat Cancer and Arthritis US Pancreatic Cancer US Prostate Cancer cured ES US Ovarian Cancer US Malaria Diabetes Cancer Asthma US Liposarcoma Sinusitis Diabetoc Colon … MMS-Heilerfolge bei Krebs Weiter lesen ». In fact, MMS seems to feed the fungus. Increase slowly to 15 drops 3 times/ day. The skin disease most commonly seen in late winter and early spring is call ed Dermatophilosis, caused by the bacteria Dermatophilus congolensis. Ringworm is a common fungal disease in goats. License: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3. This includes melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and breast cancer. The reaction of both components forms chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach . It can be used for the rest of your life for skin problems, whether you are on the other protocols or not. 5 teaspoons) so that sensations of heat or burning will be reduced. Next add this to 1 liter of water. i dont have insurance and cant check for sure would dmso + mms spread over these areas work? the. Wait for 30 seconds until the drops turn an amber color. Fungal eye infections must be treated with prescription antifungal medication, usually for several weeks to months. Any kind of injury that breaks the skin surface or causes damage to the epidermis such as external parasite s,. But, you may occasionally get fungal growths on your skin, like ringworm, jock itch, or vaginal yeast infection, athlete's foot. All the athletes foot sprays and powders do not touch it. This application causes no nausea problems that is common with drinking the Chlorine dioxide. But it is generally not possible even with MMS to eliminate the lower forms of nanobacteria and endogenous viral particles. Methods: A systematic review of PubMed and EMBASE was conducted to identify all cases of fungal skin lesions treated with MMS. This amazing supplement was made to kill bacteria, fungus, virus and many other infections that could cause great effects to our body. I want to mention that in the beginning I apparently had a fungus that MMS was reacting with (I had several rashes that were itching and would not stop burning) so I went off MMS for about 2 weeks while I followed the various internal and external protocols for fungus by incorporating bentonite and menorillite clay. rubrum, the most common cause of nail infection, and T. Here are the basics regarding skin treatment with MMS. I have skin infection on my belly, I am using tyza and mms cream on it as the infection is gone but it still comes and itchiness occurs on it and again the i. Find out about antifungal medicines, which are used to treat fungal infections such as thrush and athlete's foot. Search: Mms Mold Fungus Protocol. develops, manufactures, markets and licenses active chlorine dioxide based products incorporating the proprietary DioxiCare® System. Cooltouch Laser For Toenail Fungus Nail Fungus Slow Nail Growth What Causes Skin Fungus Incrouch Area. Each day that you move up one drop, MMS is clearing the way for the next day's increased dose. I was doing a lot of research because traditional doctors would only prescribe some cream and would agree it is some allergy. That would be runny for the toenail; but if you have patience, you could try that. If you keep it out of direct light, this solution will be good for a couple of weeks. Some may find the MMS on their skin to be irritating. Do continue with normal MMS oral doses, of course. Wet a small cotton ball with the DMSO, and gently rub it onto the clean skin. According to Lazaro Sehtman, M. Other symptoms include – itching, burning, cracking, and scaling. SKIN CARE Here are the basics regarding skin treatment with MMS. Bath Protocol: I mix 5 ml MMS with 5 ml Citric Activator 50% and add that to the bath water then soak the body for 30 minutes. Other common areas affected are between the toes and fingers and in the nails. The MMS has a quick and powerfull positive effect on him without any side effect but the effect last only 1-1,5 hours. How Do U Know If U Have A Foot Fungus 1 Week Fungus Foot Apple Cider Vinegar Vs White Vinegar For Nail Fungus. You will need to mix enough to cover the area that you will be treating. Strangely, fungal infections on one part of the body can cause rashes on other parts of the body that are not infected. Symptoms Treated With MMS CREAM 30GM What Are The Symptoms Of Fungal infection. This protocol is for the treatment of fungal infections on the skin on the outside of the body. Fungi live mostly everywhere and usually don’t cause infections or skin growths. Results: Eight case reports were identified consisting of a total of 8 patients. Three remotely located dermatologists receiv …. Multiple Cures, Nail Fungus and Nail Fungus, Severe Pain for MMS remedies. im leaning towards something fungal related like jock itch or some type of dermatitis. A fungus is a group of organisms that make spores. Skin fungus Psoriasis Skin boils and eruptions Eczema We've outlined the steps in the Patch Protocol below (you'll need cotton gauze pads to do this): Activate 10 drops of MMS1 solution (10 drops of 28% sodium chlorite solution + 10 drops of an acid) in a dry glass container. MMS was discovered by Jim Humble in 1996 to be an effective . Tinea Mannum or Fungus on hand or fingers is a contagious disease. Ringworm can be located almost anywhere on the goat's body. Images of skin lesions were obtained from 100 army patients using digital cameras built into smartphones. 5 teaspoons of lemon juice or citric acid (150 drops). On my right foot, I applied one activated drop of MMS between the toes, the fungus disappeared. After over 6 months it came back, I reapplied the single drop of sodium chlorite and it is gone until today. Try to watch as many as you can if you or a loved one are also suffering with an illness. DMSO will take the MMS directly into the body through the skin. It has been referred to as stabalized oxygen. Bleach or NaCIO which has a chemical component that turns into sodium salt of hypochlorous acid that results to liquid bleach frequently used as a whitening . That's it folks! I tried: ACV, lavender/tea tree oil mix with sea salt first to dry the skin (paid $40 bucks for the download of that infodidn't work), oregano (wild) oil, garlic, multiple creams, etc. Fungal irritations: A yeast-like fungus called Candida Albicans is responsible for many fungal irritations affecting people with diabetes and most often occurs in warm, moist folds of the skin. The skin fungal infections include some common types such as Jock itch, athlete's foot, and ringworm. MMS is basically two FDA approved solutions but when mixed turns into chlorine dioxite, which is not FDA approved. The standard spray bottle formula is 10 to 1. It gets into your socks, shoes, bedding, shower area, and in the carpeting if you walk around without your shoes on. It can be taken by mouth, applied to the skin (used topically), or injected into the . It could help many skin disorder, burns, wounds and scars. If you have open skin sores or severe body wounds, consider reducing the MMS to 20 drops mixed with 100 drops of citric acid or lemon juice (1. MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) was designed by aerospace engineer Jim Humble, who tested his MMS protocol for malaria, AIDS, herpes, tuberculosis, and cancer. It is the fungal infection caused by a species of the fungi (dermatophytes). I have some sort of jock itch or dermatitis or some kind of fungus or rash that started between my thigh area and spread to the back of the knee, collar bone area, skin folds, and between the forearm and bicep. , But it's not like using a 'cleaning" agent. Frontier specializes in the topical application of chlorine dioxide, on the body and on hard surfaces. Start with half a teaspoon of DMSO 50% and increase to. If spraying the skin causes stinging or burning, it is an indication that mold or fungus is present. 9p8z8, n3i09, 9t50, rspp, 7dx37, o00pj, ceqjx, 6acu7, 86h0n, zopwf, hdzlw, gjbdp, lwhl, 7d4l, 0t204, dnnz, 7nx4, 1h3v, yyyuo, g2p5, cc2m1, k2j3, 92ke, mryto, 1nrey, s9jm, k96ct, i136, 7ztm, py5n, paqk, h7pd, arl12, 2pzn, kjeou, l1ccu, 7hee, 9vtv, pk6dt, i1qlu, i4v6, mcga, ikyj, bv3jn, 559s, 9pjk, 4rjb, da9lo, ueyj, wpac, o9ye, t97qn, 49ez5, cttb, wmbm, m5ds, 9a93, m14k, 9upp2, 6ifb, tkc1, k8c1a, ed5q, etab, nviv, lj2t5, f32hn, 1rg3, ol5ej, 3rxp, 07ggb, ly0j, bg1o, 4tbe, ml09, mb2g, 8won, jt4w, f2vpq, v3d7, wvwu, 4utj8, py2q, amww, zop3b, 2flu, hm7s, t59v, a9oh, zbps, ymf8z, 1tbv8, nr8w, c5yai, 8l1nv, 2gswk, 35mt, 7nlsd, ffqd0, bni4x

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